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IAT Competition FAQs




Question 1: Which email address should I use for my enquiry?

Answer: Queries relating to the 2020 IAT Allocation may be sent to our new NIHR Academy email address:

You may also email us at our old email address:, which is still active.

Question 2: What is the submission deadline for the IAT Competition bids and/or GMC specialities for the posts allocated by funding formula?

Answer: NIHR Academy will be accepting submissions for the 2020 IAT Allocation until 13:00 on Sunday 31 March 2019. The guidance notes on the NIHR website and in the Academy Research Awards Management Information System (ARAMIS;, have now been updated to reflect this.

ARAMIS will not accept applications submitted after 13:00 on Sunday 31 March 2019. Therefore, we recommend that you submit your application by the last working day prior to the deadline, Friday 29 March 2019, as NIHR Academy staff will be able to assist you in the unlikely event that you encounter technical difficulties.

Question 3: I am planning to submit my partnership’s 2020 IAT Allocation just before the deadline on Sunday 31 March 2019. What happens if I encounter technical difficulties?

Answer: In the unlikely event that you encounter technical difficulties while submitting your application on Sunday 31 March 2019, a member of NIHR Academy staff will contact you on Monday 1 April 2019 to discuss the issue(s).

Please be aware that ARAMIS will not permit you to submit your application if you have not resolved any outstanding validation errors (described on Page 29 of the guidance notes) and/or your IAT Partnership Declarations have not been completed (Page 27 of the guidance notes) prior to the deadline. In these cases, it will not be possible to submit your IAT Partnership’s application.

Question 4: I have registered for an account, but I cannot see the 2020 IAT Allocation application form.

Answer: The 2020 IAT Allocation application form has restricted access. In order to gain access, please email or telephone the NIHR Academy:

0113 532 8397

Question 5: The guidance notes state that the 2020 IAT Allocation application may be undertaken by the HEI or HEE IAT Lead’s delegated authority. Is it possible for an IAT Lead to start the application and then for their delegated authority to finish the application?

Answer: No, this is not possible. However; the delegated authority can request access to the IAT Allocation application form on ARAMIS and start their “own application”, if they wish.

Only one applicant is permitted to work on an application. Please be aware that if an IAT partnership starts more than one application, the NIHR Academy will only accept the first application submitted before the deadline.

It is therefore important that you discuss at the IAT partnership who should be responsible for the final submission.

Please ensure that all the necessary elements have been completed in the application that your partnership intends to submit in advance of the submission deadline.

Question 6: What are the steps involved in signing off the partnerships proposals for the 2020 IAT allocations?

Answer: IAT Partnerships are required to ensure that the Postgraduate Dean, Medical School Dean, and NHS Organisation Representative(s) support the proposals included in the allocation return.

The sign-off process for the IAT allocations on ARAMIS is described in detail on Pages 27-30 of the guidance notes.

Question 7: Preparation of an IAT Competition bid requires the coordinated efforts of several stakeholders. How is this to be achieved if only one person can access the application?

Answer: It is recommended that you prepare the text for your bids, or any other element of the application form, using Microsoft Word (or equivalent) to enable collaborative working. The IAT Lead (or their delegated authority) may then upload the text once it has been agreed and approved by those involved in the bid.

Question 8: Last year the NIHR Academy sent us information regarding the fill rates and outcome data for ACFs, CLs, and locally-funded NIHR recognised CLs. Will the NIHR Academy follow this same process this year?

Answer: No. The NIHR Academy now holds these data on file from information submitted by the IAT partnerships as outlined on Pages 11 and 12 in the guidance notes.

Question 9: The HEI IAT Lead has started an IAT 2020 Allocation application on ARAMIS, and will be responsible for submitting the completed application to the NIHR Academy. Can the HEE IAT Lead access ARAMIS to read the application?

Answer: No. In this case, the HEI IAT Lead (the applicant) is recommended to use the View/Print command in ARAMIS to create a PDF of the application (see Page 30 of the guidance notes). The PDF may be shared with all stakeholders involved in the submission.

Question 10: On Page 26 of the guidance notes, it states under the “IAT Competition Priority Research Themes” heading that there is a 5000 word limit (per section). What does this mean?

Answer: For each of the seven priority research themes, the IAT Partnership has a maximum of 5000 words to provide the evidence requested on Pages 26 and 27 of the guidance notes in support of their bids.