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Information Pack – Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Representative of an NIHR Academy Advisory Group




NIHR is the nation’s largest funder of health and care research in the UK investing approximately £1.3 billion in research every year. Our aim is to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research. We are committed to funding high quality health and care research that benefits the NHS, public health and social care; attracting, supporting and developing the best researchers to tackle the complex health and care challenges of the future, and providing research evidence to inform health and care practice.

Our researchers come from diverse professions and background and their quality is world leading.

NIHR Academy is responsible for the development and coordination of NIHR academic training, career development and research capacity development. Further details about the NIHR Academy can be found here.  
We are pleased to announce exciting opportunities for a patient, service user, carer or member of the public to be a PPI Representative on one of our NIHR Academy Advisory Groups. We are currently recruiting for PPI Representatives for the NIHR Academy Forum, the NIHR Academy Research Capacity Development Group (RCDG), the NIHR Academy Involvement Group and the NIHR Leaders Programme Advisory Board. 

About the Advisory Groups

NIHR Academy Forum
The NIHR Academy Forum ensures the integration of NIHR training and career development, both within the NIHR Academy, and externally with the activities and policies across the wider NIHR and beyond. The Forum acts as an expert advisory group to help shape and develop the activities and vision for the NIHR Academy. The Forum meets annually in person to:
  • review the previous year’s activity from the NIHR Academy’s programmes and wider NIHR in relation to research capacity development
  • recommend priorities for the NIHR Academy for the coming year
  • provides advice and guidance to the NIHR Academy Strategy Group around the future direction of the NIHR Academy
  • consider proposals for new activities from the NIHR Academy Research Capacity Development Group and make recommendations on such activities to the NIHR Academy Strategy Group
  • consider recommendations coming from the NIHR Academy Members’ Group
NIHR Academy Research Capacity Development Group (RCDG)
The NIHR Academy Research Capacity Development Group works with external groups to consider and prioritise proposals for new programmes/structures. The NIHR RCDG coordinates and oversees NIHR priorities for research capacity development on an NIHR wide basis.

The RCDG meets biannually both virtually and in person to:
  • work iteratively with external partners to develop ideas for new NIHR Academy structures, programmes and networks
  • act as a portal for and considers proposals for programme and structure development from external partners
  • forward proposals and recommendations to the NIHR Academy Strategy Group
  • work across NIHR as a whole to coordinate ongoing areas designed to build research capacity
  • work across NIHR as a whole to consider further areas for research capacity development that align and support the broader NIHR strategy
  • take forward and oversees the delivery of NIHR-wide capacity development initiatives
NIHR Academy Involvement Group
The NIHR Academy Involvement Group advises the NIHR Academy on how it best selects and embeds its Members/Associates and research delivery staff in all aspects of NIHR strategy and delivery. The Group meets biannually in person to: 
  • provide a voice for NIHR Academy Members, Associate Members and research delivery staff in shaping the strategic direction and delivery of the NIHR
  • promote involvement and to ensure NIHR Academy Members, Associate Members and research delivery staff are fully embedded in all aspects of NIHR strategy and delivery
  • identify opportunities for staff involvement in NIHR business on an ongoing basis
  • determine mechanisms/processes for selection of an appropriate and balanced cohort of NIHR Academy Members, Associate Members and research delivery staff to support the above

NIHR Leadership Programme Advisory Board
The NIHR Leadership Programme Advisory Board provides a sounding board on the programme of activities and events relating to:

  • leadership development programmes for emerging research leaders and NIHR leaders
  • the mentoring programme for NIHR senior leaders
  • the programme of leadership engagement events
  • the embedding of the Future Focused Leadership programme throughout the NIHR leadership community
The NIHR Leadership Programme Advisory Board meets in person biannually. 

Time commitment and typical activities 

Typical activities will include:
  • preparing for advisory group meetings by reading and assessing meeting papers prior to the meeting
  • attending and participating in advisory group meetings (meetings take place annually or biannually)
  • adhering to the guidance provided at advisory group meetings, including policy on confidentiality and conflicts of interest
  • willingness to undertake OR attend appropriate training, development and support activities offered free by NIHR Academy that is relevant to the role
Most meetings will be face to face in either London or Leeds. 


Tenure of the role is 3 years (subject to the first review at 12 months).

Expenses and support

NIHR Academy is committed to being as inclusive as possible in all that we do, and we will, therefore, consider reasonable adjustments required to enable you to fulfil the role.
PPI Representatives can claim reasonable expenses in connection with their attendance at committee meetings, for example, travel, food and drink, accommodation, childcare/carer costs, personal assistant costs, postage and printing costs.
We offer PPI Representatives an attendance fee for their involvement on Advisory Groups (if they are not in receipt of a full time salary from public funds). The amount we offer as a fee will depend on the nature and volume of work involved. The fee will always be clarified ahead of the meeting. More information about the payment of attendance fees can be found here.

Person specification

  • experience of participating in formal meetings, e.g. school governor, ethics committee, charity trustee
  • experience of assessing complex written documents
  • knowledge and experience of patient and public involvement in health and social care services and/or research
  • ability to reflect a broader range of patient, service user, carer and public perspectives in addition to own personal experience
  • ability to take part in constructive debate and present views succinctly
  • understanding of the public sector
Other requirements 
To ensure the independent integrity of the Advisory Groups the following are not eligible to apply for the role:
  • candidates nominated to stand for elections as well as their election agents as defined under Part 2 of the Representation of the People’s Act 1983
  • those with a pecuniary (financial/business) interest in health and care research funding
  • current employee of NIHR
  • those who are currently part of another NIHR committee

Potential conflicts of interest must be declared during the application process.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

NIHR welcomes applicants from all sections of the community and are committed to recruiting a diverse workforce which reflects the wider population. In addition to this, in adherence to the Equality Act (2010), our recruitment processes are fair and do not discriminate against or disadvantage anyone based on; age, disability, gender reassignment status, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

After the closing date, you will be sent an email from the NIHR EDRS – Equality and Diversity Recording System to complete an equal opportunities monitoring form. The email will come from We will use this information to plan and target our future recruitment of public committee members.
This is a voluntary undertaking and we will not ask for any details that will identify you as an individual or connect your responses to your application.

How to apply

Send a CV and a short covering letter explaining your interest and experience and which roles you would like to be considered for to or via post:
Linda Onerhime-Prince
PPI Manager 
NIHR Academy
21 Queen Street
Direct line:  0113 5328 383
The deadline for receipt of applications is 5pm on Monday 9 March 2020.
If you have any queries or would like more information, please contact Linda Onerhime-Prince, PPI Manager on the contact details listed above.