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NIHR Central Commissioning Facility Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Advisory Group



The Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Advisory Group has been established as a mechanism for involving NIHR public contributors in the work of the PPIE team at the NIHR Central Commissioning Facility (CCF). The role of the PPIE Advisory Group is to work in partnership with the CCF PPIE team to develop the team’s work programme, in particular:

  1. To offer insight, advice and guidance from the perspective of a public contributor and to ensure that the CCF strives to be ambitious and creative in its thinking and practice of PPIE.
  2. To act as a critical friend and provide feedback on the CCF PPIE work plan so that the organisation uses learning to further develop CCF’s PPIE service offering, e.g. to help identify areas for improving PPIE practice in commissioning of health and social care research.
  3. To work in partnership with the CCF’s PPIE team to develop the annual work plan, using the UK Standards for Public Involvement as a framework in which to set priorities.
  4. To support initiatives to raise the profile of PPIE within the NIHR and where deemed appropriate in external settings.
  5. To provide a platform where the CCF will update members on key developments in the wider PPIE context in particular across the NIHR coordinating centres and where possible work together to identify synergies to improve PPIE practice.
  6. To provide an opportunity to receive group learning and development e.g. learning modules about innovative PPIE practice either within the health and social care research context or where relevant from other sectors - formats to include presentations by external speakers or a facilitated workshop.