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NIHR Position Statement Athena SWAN



Athena SWAN Position statement regarding eligibility for 2020 NIHRACFs and CLs

Dear colleagues,

Page 5 of the Guidance Notes for the 2020 Competition & Formula Allocation of ACFs and CLs stated that:

To be eligible to host Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACFs) and/or Clinical Lectureships (CLs) from the 2020 allocation, IAT Partnerships must have achieved at least the Silver Award of the Athena SWAN Charter for Women in Science in the “setting” where the post is to be based, prior to the launch of ACF recruitment in October 2019.

Following a period of consultation with stakeholders involved in delivering the NIHR IAT Programme, the NIHR Academy wishes to provide all IAT partnerships with updated guidance regarding the eligibility criteria for the 2020 allocation of ACFs and CLs.

Due to the timescales involved with Athena SWAN applications, and that Athena SWAN outcomes are announced at a time that does not align with the allocation of IAT posts, or the subsequent recruitment windows for the posts, the NIHR Academy has revised the eligibility criteria for the current allocation of IAT posts that was initiated on 18 Jan 2019.

Academic settings, where the IAT posts are to be based, which either currently hold an Athena SWAN Silver or have held a Silver Award but awarded Bronze after 1st April 2018, will be eligible for the 2020 formula allocation and the IAT competition. They will therefore be able to recruit ACFs and CLs to take up posts.

Please contact the NIHR Academy if you require further clarification on the Athena SWAN requirements for hosting IAT posts.