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NIHR Researchfish 2020 update accessible image descriptions



How has our research influenced policy and practice since 2010?

This stacked bar graph shows the numbers of reported influences on policy and practice by type of influence.  Y-axis scale minimum 0, maximum 7000.Segment one, influenced training of practitioners or researchers 1957.
Segment two, participation in an advisory committee or national consultation 1677
Segment three, citations in policy documents, systematic reviews, clinical guidelines etc 1581
Segment four, Membership of guidance or guideline committee 950
Segment five, gave evidence to a government review 302
Segment six, Implementation circular/rapid advice/letter e.g. Ministry of Health 252

What stage of research do patients and the public contribute to? 

This horizontal bar graph shows the numbers of reported involvements of patients and the public by type of involvement in order of the lifetime of the NIHR award.  X-axis scale minimum 0, maximum 3500

Bar one, research design 3144
Bar two, prioritising research question 2506
Bar three, developing funding application 2356
Bar four, undertaking the research 1552
Bar five, management of the research 1473
Bar six, analysing and interpreting data 966
Bar seven, Writing up 776
Bar eight, dissemination of findings 1558
Bar nine, implementing findings 523
Bar ten other/not specified 3253


NIHR reported international collaborations

This is a world map showing where the partners of NIHR reported collaborations are based by colours on the map.

Red, United Kingdom 9895
Blue, Europe 1997
Yello, North America 1147
Grey, Oceania 405
Purple, Asia 283
Orange, Africa 139
Green, South America 69

Trends in post award roles of NIHR Academy Members

This slope graph shows trends in post award roles of NIHR Academy members.  Y-axis percentage of post award respondents, minimum 0% maximum 40%. X-axis years minimum 2018 maximum 2020.

Line one, Clinical Academic, 34% to 37%
Line two, Academic, 32% to 32%
Line three, Clinical, 28% to 26%
Line four, Other, 6% to 5%

Total reported publications by year

This bar chart shows numbers of reported publications by year of publication. Y-axis number of publications minimum 0 maximum 10000. X-axis Year of publication minimum 2011 maximum 2020.

Bar one, 2011, 2351
Bar two, 2012, 3633
Bar three, 2013, 5662
Bar four, 2014, 6343
Bar five, 2015, 7137
Bar six, 2016, 8063
Bar seven, 2017, 8038
Bar eight, 2018, 8180
Bar nine, 2019, 8555
Bar ten, 2020, 1678