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NIHR Senior Investigators 13 Committee



NIHR Senior Investigators Competition 13 Committee Members


Chair and Supporting Chair

Name Position Organisation
Professor Marion Walker (Chair) Professor in Stroke Rehabilitation University of Nottingham
Professor Jadwiga Wedzicha Professor of Respiratory Medicine Imperial College London


Committee Members

Name Position Organisation
Professor David Adams Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of College of Medical and Dental Sciences University of Birmingham
Professor Tim Spector Professor of Genetic Epidemiology King's College London
Professor Richard Lilford Director of NIHR Applied Research Centre West Midlands University of Birmingham
Professor Jon Nicholl Professor of Health Services Research University of Sheffield
Professor Martin Orrell Director of the Institute of Mental Health University of Nottingham
Professor Olivia Wu Professor of Health Technology Assessment University of Glasgow
Professor Sue Ziebland Professor of Medical Sociology University of Oxford
Professor Jonathan Weber Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Imperial College London
Professor Philip Asherson Professor of Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry King's College London
Professor Alison Richardson Professor of Cancer Nursing and End of Life Care University of Southampton
Professor Philip Quirke Professor of Pathology University of Leeds
Professor Anne Forster Professor of Stroke Rehabilitation University of Leeds
Professor Ismaa Sadaf Farooqi Professor of Metabolism and Medicine University of Cambridge
Mrs Michelle McPhail Public Member  
Mr Stephen Edgar Public Member