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Open Data Platform help and resources


Published: 02 May 2023

Version: February 2024

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ODP Training Videos

We have developed a series of short how-to videos to support the research community to be able to access the NIHR’s Open Data Platform (ODP). Each video is stand alone, but highlights links to other relevant videos. We will be adding to these resources so watch this space for more videos and tips.

1) How the NIHR ODP Can Support You (overview of ODP and the information and insights it offers)
2) Five things you need to know about ODP (clarification of terminology so you choose the correct filters / selections)
3) How do I Access ODP (how to register and login to the platform)
4) ODP Landing page (orientates users and tells you how to tailor the Landing page to you)
5) Overview of an App (provides a quick review of All portfolio and acquaints you with how most of the apps are structured)
6) Making Selections (shows you how to access the data you would like to see)
7) Modifying Selections (explains how to make changes to the selections you have made)
8) The Search Function (explains how to search for a study or group of studies using the CPMS ID, Title or a keyword)
9) How to extract information from ODP (exporting data to create your own charts in Excel or Google Sheets)
10) Changing the format of your charts (using the fast change function to convert charts to tables)
11) How to create bookmarks (allows you to save a search and go back to it at another date)

What is the NIHR’s Open Data Platform (ODP)?

The Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS) is the NIHR’s national database, which contains details of every study that has been supported by the NIHR, including the number of participants each study has recruited. The Open Data Platform (ODP) allows researchers to access this data and understand the research landscape across England and the UK including national and local recruitment trends over time, recruitment hotspots as well as possible new research locations previously unconsidered.

What are the benefits of using ODP?

The applications we have developed within ODP allow the research community to gain up-to- date, meaningful insights into research activity. This coupled with data on the incidence and prevalence of disease across the UK also available in ODP can support the better designing of studies. Watch our overview of an application video to find out more about the data available.

Where does the data come from?

The data contained with the NIHR’s Open Data Platform comes from the Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS) and our LocalPortfolio Management Systems (LPMS). The data is refreshed daily, according to the data cut shown on each page.

CPMS is the NIHR’s national database which contains details of every study that has been supported by the NIHR.

LPMSs are systems that each of our 15 Local Clinical Research Networks use to manage the portfolio of studies they deliver, including the recruitment to each study. This data is refreshed daily in CPMS and the refresh date and time show on each tab of each ODP dashboard.

Who can access the data?

Anyone involved or interested in health and care research can apply to access NIHR’s Open Data Platform. Whether you are an NIHR National Specialty Lead, Local Lead, Chief Investigator or a Researcher, to apply for access please follow the instructions in our How Do I Access video to get started.

I can’t find the data I need, what can I do?

If you struggle to find the data you need, please contact the NIHR’s Business Intelligence Team at

I think I have a login but I haven’t used it in a while

If you’ve forgotten your password, please use the password reset button on the login homescreen. For a locked account click on the help button and follow the process via the ‘How do I unlock my account’ button. There is also help on this page if you need to change an email address or re-verify your account.

I need the data in a different format, what can I do?

You can export the data into Microsoft Excel and then modify and manipulate the data as you need. Watch our How to extract information out of ODP video or more information.

Is the data accessible?

NIHR is committed to making information accessible. The platform's accessibility statement has more information on compliance status and where to feedback on any accessibility issues.