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Programme Grants for Applied Research - Subcommittee B



NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research has four subcommittees that assess Stage 2 applications.


Professor Jonathan Mant is Chair of Subcommittee B.

Subcommittee B membership

Name Position Organisation Expertise
Dr Philip Edge Public Member   PPI
Professor Robbie Foy Professor of Primary care  University of Leeds General Applied Research
Dr Steve Gillard Reader in Social and Community Mental Health St George's, University of London Qualitative Methodologist
Dr Catherine Haigton  Associate Professor  Northumbria University  Behavioural
Dr Lisa Hinton Medical Sociologist Oxford University  Qualitative Methodologist
Ms Denise Howel Senior Lecturer in Epidemiological statistics Newcastle University Statistician 
Professor Richard Lilford Professor of Public Health University of Warwick General Applied Research
Professor Tom Marshall Professor of Public Health University of Birmingham General Applied Research
Dr David Meads Lecturer in Health Economics University of Leeds Health Economist
Mrs Ngawi Moss Public Member   PPI
Professor Rona Moss-Morris Professor of Psychology as Applied Medicine Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London Behavioural
Professor Fliss Murtagh Reader in Palliative Medicine  Hull York Medical School, University of Hull General Applied Research
Professor Gerry Richardson Senior Researcher in Health Economics University of York Health Economist
Professor Andy Vail Professor of Clinical Biostatistics University of Manchester Statistician