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Programme Grants for Applied Research - Subcommittee D



NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research has four subcommittees that assess Stage 2 applications.


Professor Marian Knight is Chair of Subcommittee D.

Subcommittee D membership


Position Organisation Expertise
Professor Christopher Armitage Chair in Health Psychology University of Manchester Behavioural
Professor Cindy Cooper Professor of Health Services Research and Clinical Trials University of Sheffield General Applied Research
Dr Liz Glidewell Lecturer in Primary Care University of Leeds Behavioural
Professor Willie Hamilton Professor of Primary Care Diagnostics University of Exeter General Applied Research
Professor Simon Heller Professor of Clinical Diabetes University of Sheffield General Applied Research
Mr Philip Hurst Public Member   PPI
Dr Clare Jinks Reader in Applied Health Research Keele University Qualitative Methodologist
Dr Susan Mallett Senior Lecturer in Medcial Statistics University of Birmingham Statistician
Professor Martin Orrell Director of the Institute of Mental Health University of Nottingham General Applied Research
Professor Katherine Payne Professor of Health Economics University of Manchester Health Economist
Mrs Angela Ruddock Public Member    PPI
Professor Caroline Sanders Senior Lecturer in Medical Sociology University of Manchester Qualitative Methodologist
Dr Edward Wilson Senior Lecturer in Health  University of East Anglia Health Economist