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Pre-doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee


The remit of theĀ NIHR Pre-doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee is to support the development of the scheme, assess applications and make funding recommendations based on quality.

The Applicant Guidance Notes for the Pre-doctoral Fellowship Scheme gives full details of the selection process.

The make-up of the Selection Committee is reviewed regularly and adjusted in response to need.

The review panel for the Pre-doctoral Fellowship scheme competition will be composed from the members listed below.

  • Professor Tim Peters (Chair), University of Bristol
  • Professor Laura Gray (Deputy Chair), University of Leicester
  • Dr Hareth Al-Janabi, University of Birmingham
  • Prof Stephen Walters, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Catriona McDaid, University of York
  • Dr Jamie Sergeant, University of Manchester
  • Dr Ceire Costelloe, Imperial College London
  • Prof Stavros Petrou, University of Oxford
  • Dr Sarah Brie, University of Southampton
  • Prof Niels Peek, University of Manchester
  • Dr Alasdair Jones, London School of Economics and Political Science