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Pre-doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee 2020



Pre-doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee Members


  • The remit of the Selection Committee is to support the development of the scheme, assess applications and make funding recommendations based on quality.
  • The Applicant Guidance Notes for the Pre-doctoral Fellowship Scheme gives full details of the selection process.
  • The make-up of the Selection Committee is reviewed regularly and adjusted in response to need.
  • The review panel for the 2020 Pre-doctoral Fellowship scheme competition will be composed from the members listed below.



Professor Tim Peters (Chair)

University of Bristol

Professor Laura Gray (Deputy Chair)

University of Leicester

Dr Hareth Al-Janabi

University of Birmingham

Prof Stephen Walters

University of Sheffield

Dr Catriona McDaid

University of York

Dr Jamie Sergeant

University of Manchester

Dr Ceire Costelloe

Imperial College London

Prof Stavros Petrou

University of Oxford

Dr Sarah Brien

University of Southampton

Prof Niels Peek

University of Manchester

Dr Alasdair Jones

London School of Economics and Political Science