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Programme Grants for Applied Research - Competition 28 Stage 2 minutes


Minutes for the Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) Sub-Committee D meeting to discuss applications to Competition 28 Stage 2.

Date and location

Meeting held 04 July 2019 at ETC Venues, Avonmouth House, 6 Avonmouth Street, London, SE1 6NX.

In attendance

Committee Members

Professor Marian Knight
Professor Christopher Armitage
Mr Andrew Cornwall
Dr Liz Glidewell
Professor Simon Heller
Mr Philip Hurst
Dr Clare Jinks
Dr Steven Lane
Dr Susan Mallett
Professor Martin Orrell
Professor Katherine Payne
Professor George Peat
Dr Edward Wilson

Programme Director

Professor Elaine Hay


Mr Rajinder Flora (NIHR CCF)
Dr Michelle Edye (NIHR CCF)
Dr Ramnath Elaswarapu (NIHR CCF)
Ms Saprina Harrison (NIHR CCF)


Professor Richard Martin (University of Bristol)
Dr Laura Tornatore (NIHR CCF)
Dr Rick Warner (NIHR CCF)
Mrs Hazel Patel (Public Member)

Applications considered

NIHR200601: Peripheral arterial disease and Aneurysm Screening Study (PASS) - Is screening for peripheral arterial disease at the same time as abdominal aortic aneurysm acceptable, feasible, effective and economic?
Lead Applicant: Professor Matthew Bown
Lead Assessors: Martin Orrelll (1), George Peat (2)
Conflicts: Professor Simon Heller
Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)
Professor Simon Heller returned.

NIHR200624: Both EARS training package (BEARS) to maximise hearing abilities in teenage bilateral cochlear implant users
Lead Applicant: Dr Deborah Vickers
Lead Assessors: George Peat (1), Simon Heller (2)
Conflicts: Professor Martin Orrell and Dr Edward Wilson
Outcome: Reject
Professor Martin Orrell and Dr Edward Wilson returned.

NIHR200861: PET-CT guided, symptom-based, patient-driven surveillance versus clinical follow-up in advanced head neck cancer (PET NECK 2)
Lead Applicant: Professor Hisham Mehanna
Lead Assessors: Martin Orrell (1), Simon Heller (2)
Conflicts:  Dr Susan Mallett
Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)
Dr Susan Mallett returned.