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Programme Grants for Applied Research - Competition 30 Stage 1 Minutes


Minutes of the Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) Funding Committee Meeting for Competition 30 Stage 1

Date and Location

The meeting was held on 05 September 2019 at ETC Venues, 6 Avonmouth St, London SE1 6NX

Present Members

Professor Tracy Roberts (Chair)
Professor Peter Bower
Professor Kate Jolly
Professor Jonathan Mant
Professor Tom Marshall (via Teleconference)
Professor Martin Orrell
Professor George Peat
Dr Miriam Santer
Professor Richard Watt
Dr Abhishek Abhishek (via Teleconference)
Professor William Dixon (via Teleconference)
Mrs Debra Dulake (via Teleconference)

Programme Director

Professor Elaine Hay 


Mr Rajinder Flora (NIHR CCF)
Dr Katie Cook (NIHR CCF)
Dr Ramnath Elasawapu (NIHR CCF)
Dr Michelle Edye (NIHR CCF)
Miss Saprina Harrison (NIHR CCF)


Professor Richard Martin (Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Bristol)
Dr Anna Durrans (Research Programme Manager, Versus Arthritis UK)

PGfAR applications to be considered

NIHR201037: Moving Forward: Data, Intelligence, and System Transformation for Musculoskeletal Health and Care
Conflicts: Professor George Peat and Professor Elaine Hay
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2

Professor Elaine Hay returned. Professor George Peat remained outside the room.
Professor William Dixon left the meeting. Dr Abhishek Abhishek joined the meeting via teleconference.

NIHR201122: RELIEVEpain: a remotely delivered medicine review and coach-guided lifestyle intervention for chronic pain
Conflicts: Professor George Peat and Professor Peter Bower
Outcome: Rejected

Professor George Peat and Professor Peter Bower returned.
Dr Abhishek Abhishek, Mrs Debra Dulake and Dr Anna Durrans left the meeting.

NIHR201052: Improving the Management of Abnormal Glucose In Cystic Fibrosis Diabetes: MAGIC Programme
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2

NIHR201038: How are treatment outcomes for people with severe obesity ImPROved by GROUP-based behavioural intervention?
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2

NIHR201070: The SPOtting Cancer among Comorbidities (SPOCC) study. Supporting clinical decision making in patients with symptoms of cancer and pre-existing conditions.
Conflicts: Professor George Peat
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2
Professor George Peat returned.

NIHR201076: Adapting and testing an intervention for carers of people with dementia-CARECOACH
Conflicts: Professor Martin Orrell
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2
Professor Martin Orrell returned.

NIHR201092: A new model of care for HIV based on social prescribing to improve mental health and reduce risk of lifestyle related
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2

Professor Tom Marshall joined the meeting via teleconference.

NIHR201102: Patients, Families and Health Professionals Working Together to Support Long Term Stroke Self- Management: A Programme to Establish Effectiveness and Implementation of a Group Based Self-Management Intervention in Practice – PROTEA
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2

NIHR201137: DELAY NOW: implementation package targeting DELAYed NO and immediate antibiotic prescription with Web- based support.
Conflicts: Dr Miriam Santer
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2
Dr Miriam Santer returned.

NIHR201123: Taking DATA-Driven AcTions in generAl practice: an exemplar around optimising antibiotic prescribing (DataData)
Conflicts: Professor Peter Bower
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2
Professor Peter Bower returned.

NIHR201134: PACE-HIV (PAin intervention using Co-produced sElf-management for people living with HIV)
Conflicts: Professor Jonathan Mant remained in the room but did not participate in the discussion or voting of the proposal.
Outcome: Rejected

Professor Tom Marshall left the meeting.

NIHR201157: Improving dental hygiene and oral health in adults undergoing planned cardiac surgery: a programme of feasibility and evaluative research on reducing postoperative hospital acquired infections
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Rejected

NIHR201158: Digitally enabled multimodal prehabilitation for improving quality of life after planned major surgery
Conflicts: Professor Kate Jolly
Outcome: Rejected 
Professor Kate Jolly returned.

NIHR201165: Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in 18 – 40 year olds: A Multifactorial Management Intervention to Address Multimorbidity in Early-Onset T2D in Adults (The M3 Research Programme)
Conflicts: Professor Jonathan Mant
Outcome: Shortlisted to stage 2         
Professor Jonathan Mant returned.