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Programme Grants for Applied Research - Competition 32 Stage 2 minutes


Minutes of the Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) Sub-Committee C meeting to discuss applications to competition 32 stage 2.

Date and location

Meeting held 10 November 2020 via online video meeting.

In attendance 


Professor Kate Jolly (Chair)
Professor Wei Gao
Professor Laura Gray
Professor Belinda Lennox
Mrs Rita Long
Professor Jonathan Mant
Professor Richard Martin
Dr Catriona McDaid
Professor Richard McManus
Professor Gavin Perkins
Ms Jane Whitehurst

Written Comments

Professor Garry Barton
Professor Sandy Tubeuf
Dr Carolyn Tarrant
Professor Clare Jinks
Professor Christopher Armitage


Professor Mark Kearney (Diabetes UK - written comments)

Programme Director

Professor Elaine Hay

Diabetes UK

Mr John Pemberton


Mr Raj Flora (NIHR CCF)
Ms Saima Siddiqui (NIHR CCF) 
Ms Amrit Mann (NIHR CCF)
Ms Batool Khan (NIHR CCF)


Professor Gavin Murphy (University of Leicester)
Dr Obioha Ukoumunne  (University of Exeter)
Professor Vari Drennan (St George’s London)
Professor Subhash Pokhrel (Brunel University)
Dr Elizabeth Robertson (Diabetes UK)
Ms Kamini Shah (Diabetes UK)

Applications considered

NIHR202021: Developing and Evaluating A Multifactorial Intervention to Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes and Current or Previous Diabetic Foot Ulcers (MiFoot)
Lead Applicant: Professor Kamlesh Khunti
Conflicts: Professor Gavin Murphy, Professor Laura Gray and Professor Jonathan Mant
Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)

NIHR202024: Using real world data and rapid learning to drive improvements in lung cancer survival
Lead Applicant: Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)

NIHR202025: “The SPECIAL study” – SPecial Educational needs provision to Improve Child heALth
Lead Applicant: Professor Ruth Gilbert
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)

NIHR202028: The development, validation and assessment of clinical- and cost-effectiveness of "I-CARED" (Intensive CARE Delirium assessment instrument)
Lead Applicant: Dr Ben Gibbison
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Reject

NIHR202037:  Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a digital social intervention for people with troublesome asthma promoted by primary care clinicians
Lead Applicant: Dr Anna De Simoni
Conflicts: Professor Jonathan Mant
Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)

NIHR202304: A clinically integrated intervention for addressing psychological distress and treatment adherence together, during the cancer care of Teenager and Young Adults.
Lead Applicant: Professor Dan Stark
Conflicts: Dr Catriona McDaid
Outcome: Reject

Outcomes Table

This table displays the average score for each application that was assessed in the Stage 2 committee meeting. No ranking within columns should be inferred. The PGfAR fundable range is 6-10 although a score of 6-10 does not guarantee funding. In exceptional circumstances and with approval from the Programme Director, applications may be invited/funded which fall below the fundable range.

ScoreNumber of applications
9.1-10 (fundable range)
8.1-9 (fundable range) 2
7.1-8 (fundable range) 1
6.1-7 (fundable range)  1
4.1-5 (below fundable range) 1
3.1-4 (below fundable range) 1
2.1-3 (below fundable range)
1.1-2 (below fundable range)
0.1-1 (below fundable range)