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Programme Grants for Applied Research - Competition 33 Stage 2 minutes


Minutes of the Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) Sub-Committee A meeting to discuss applications to Competition 33 Stage 2.

Date and location

Meeting held 2 March 2021 via online video meeting.

In attendance


Professor Jonathan Mant (Chair)
Ms Anica Alvarez Nishio
Professor Peter Bower
Professor Claire Hulme
Professor Kelvin Jordan
Professor Richard McManus
Mrs Hazel Patel
Professor George Peat
Professor Isabel Reading
Dr Tom Sanders

Programme Director

Professor Elaine Hay


Mr Raj Flora (NIHR CCF)
Ms Fiona Giles (NHR CCF)
Ms Saprina Harrison (NIHR CCF)
Ms Batool Khan (NIHR CCF)
Mr Alex Zabala Findlay (NIHR CCF)
Ms Natalya Chapman (NIHR CCF)


Dr Miriam Santer (written comments provided)
Professor Subhash Pokhrel (written comments provided)


Dr Wendy Clyne, NIHR Research Design Service, South West

Applications considered

NIHR202869: Optimising the care of women following childbirth related perineal trauma
Lead Applicant: Dr Rachel Katherine Morris
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Conditional Support (phased fund)

NIHR202339: Improving the lives of stroke survivors with data
Lead Applicant: Professor Charles Wolfe
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Conditional Support (phased fund)

NIHR202340: Preventing UlceratioN in DIabeTes (PUNDIT)
Lead Applicant: Professor Neil Reeves and Professor Christopher Nester
Conflicts:  Professor George Peat
Outcome: Reject

Outcomes table

Funding Committees score applications on a range of 1-10. This table displays the number of applications awarded each score in the committee meeting. No ranking within columns should be inferred. PGfAR will fund applications that score in the range of 6-10, although a score of 6-10 does not guarantee funding. In exceptional circumstances and with approval from the Programme Director, applications may be invited/funded that fall below the fundable range (scoring 1-5).

ScoreRangeNumber of applications
9.1-10 Fundable  0
8.1-9 Fundable  0
7.1-8 Fundable  1
6.1-7 Fundable  1
5.1-6 Fundable  1
4.1-5 Rejected  0
3.1-4 Rejected  0
2.1-3 Rejected  0
1.1-2 Rejected  0
0.1-1 Rejected  0