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Public Minutes HTA Programme Oversight Committee (commissioned workstream) February 2020



HTA Programme Oversight Committee

Date and time

Friday 14 February 2020, 10.00am – 4.00pm


The Duke and Duchess Rooms
Chandos House
2 Queen Anne Street
London W1G 9LQ


Professor Hywel Williams (Chair)
Professor Andrew Bradbury
Professor Lucy Chappell
Dr Moira Connolly
Professor Andrew Farmer
Professor Steve Goodacre
Dr Kamal Mahtani
Dr Lyvonne Tume
Mrs Catherine White


Dr Lisa Douet
Dr Jason Horsley
Dr Claire Kidgell
Dr Jemma Kwint
Mrs Carol Ozuak
Mrs Agnieska Terry


Mr Mike Batley
Mr Michael Bowdery
Professor Anthony de-Soyza
Professor Elaine Hay
Dr Julie McCarroll
Dr Alan McNair


Research priority decisions

The Prioritisation Group considered a total of 16 detailed briefing papers (research briefs) which had previously been prioritised by two Topic Identification, Development and Evaluation (TIDE) panels, three Prioritisation Committees and the National Stakeholder Advisory Group. The outcomes for the research briefs are listed below:


Emergency and Hospital Care Panel

Call NoResearch type Title
Return to prioritisation committee Primary research Gastrointestinal side effects in cancer immune checkpoint therapy


Women and Children's Health Panel

Call NoResearch typeTitle
Decline in current form Primary research Hysteroscopic removal of retained placenta


Prioritisation Committee: Integrated community health and social care

Call No Research type Title
 20/23 Primary research Diagnostic tools to establish the presence and severity of peripheral arterial disease in people with diabetes


Prioritisation Committee: Hospital based care

Call NoResearch type Title
 20/28 Broad call Repair and rehabilitation of hand flexor tendon injury
 20/19 Primary research Nasal decolonisation of MRSA
 20/21 Primary research Subcutaneous vs oral methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis
Awaiting final decision Primary research Rectus sheath blockade in emergency laparotomy
 20/26 Primary research Antifungal Stewardship in Haemato-oncology
Return to prioritisation committees Primary research Preoperative intervention to reduce alcohol consumption prior to elective surgery


Prioritisation Committee: Maternal, child and mental health care

Call NoResearch typeTitle
 20/27 Primary research Management of ankle fractures in children
 20/20 Primary research Imaging in paediatric osteomyelitis
Return to prioritisation committee Primary research Maintenance fluid therapy in paediatric critical care
 20/24 Primary research Psychological intervention for complex post-traumatic stress disorder
 20/25 Primary research Guided self-help for depression in adults with autism spectrum disorder


National Stakeholder Advisory Group

Call NoResearch typeTitle
 20/1811 Primary research Minimally invasive operative interventions for bladder outlet obstruction due to benign prostatic hyperplasia
Decline in current form Primary research Scanning confocal ophthalmoscopy for diabetic eye screening


 Call No Research Type Title
 20/33  Broad call  Reducing overtreatment

1 These research priorities are being re-advertised

Future HTA Programme Oversight Committee 2020 meetings: 2020 dates

• 12 June 2020
• 16 October 2020