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Public Minutes HTA Programme Oversight Committee (commissioned workstream) February 2021


Published: 31 March 2021

Version: V1.0

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HTA Programme Oversight Committee

Date and time

Friday 12 February 2021, 10.00am – 4.00pm


Virtual meeting


Professor Andrew Farmer (Chair)
Professor Julia Brown
Professor Lucy Chappell
Professor Anthony de-Soyza
Professor Marian Knight
Dr Kamal Mahtani
Mr Richard Parnell
Ms Gail Thornton


Mrs Steph Garfield-Birkbeck
Dr Tara Cheetham-Blake
Dr Lisa Douet
Ms Sharon Gray
Dr Amy Halls
Dr Neil Henderson
Dr Claire Kidgell
Dr Jemma Kwint
Mrs Carol Ozuak
Ms Elke Streit
Mrs Agnieszka Terry


Mr Mike Batley
Mr Michael Bowdery
Dr Julie McCarroll
Dr Alan McNair

Research priority decisions

The HTA Programme Oversight Committee considered a total of 19 detailed briefing papers (research briefs). The outcomes are listed below:

Mental Health Panel

Call NoResearch typeTitle
Not prioritised Primary research Rivastigmine for psychotic symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease

National Stakeholder Advisory Group

Call NoResearch typeTitle
On hold Primary research Minimally invasive operative interventions for bladder outlet obstruction due to benign prostatic hyperplasia

Prioritisation Committee: Integrated community health and social care

Call NoResearch typeTitle
 Advertise 21/501 Broad brief Health and social care outcomes and cost-effectiveness of assistive technologies
 Advertise 21/502 Broad brief Osteoarthritis in older or frail people with multiple long-term conditions
 Advertise 21/26 Primary research Microsuction compared with irrigation to remove earwax
 Advertise 21/28 Primary research Maintenance therapy for lichen sclerosus
 Advertise 21/503 Primary research Peer-led harm reduction intervention for problem substance use in people who are homeless

Prioritisation Committee: Hospital based care

Call NoResearch typeTitle
 Advertise 21/18 * Primary research Lumbar fusion for low back pain
 Advertise 21/21 Primary research Percutaneous thermal ablation for benign thyroid nodules
 Advertise 21/22 Primary research Stretching programme for ambulant children with cerebral palsy
 Advertise 21/23 Primary research Strengthening programme for ambulant adolescents with cerebral palsy
 Advertise 21/24 Primary research Intrauterine insemination versus in vitro fertilisation for unexplained infertility
 Advertise 21/25 Primary research Use of biologic drugs around the time of orthopaedic surgery
 Advertise 21/27 Primary research Endoscopic versus open surgery for the treatment of cubital tunnel syndrome  
 Advertise 21/29 Primary research Maintenance treatment for bipolar disorder 
 Advertise 21/30 Primary research Non-conservative treatments for major low anterior resection syndrome (LARS)

National Stakeholder Research Priorities

Call NoResearch typeTitle
Advertise 21/19 Primary research Low energy contact X-ray brachytherapy (Papillon technique) or local excision for people with early stage rectal cancer where major surgery is not planned
Advertise 21/20 Primary research Lipid-modifying therapy in children with familial hypercholesterolaemia

Draft Final Reports Fast Track Pilot

Call NoResearch typeTitle
Advertise 21/504 Primary research Amiodarone vs beta blockade for new onset atrial fibrillation in adult intensive care

* This research priority is being re-advertised

Future HTA Programme Oversight Committee 2021 meetings: 2021 dates

• 11 June 2021
• 15 October 2021