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Public Minutes HTA Programme Oversight Committee (commissioned workstream) October 2019



HTA Programme Oversight Committee

Date and time

Friday 4 October 2019, 10.00am – 4.00pm


The Duke and Duchess Rooms
Chandos House
2 Queen Anne Street
London W1G 9LQ


Professor Hywel Williams (Chair)
Professor Andrew Bradbury
Professor Lucy Chappell
Professor Andrew Farmer
Professor Steve Goodacre
Mrs Alison Ledward
Dr Ira Madan
Dr Kamal Mahtani
Mrs Catherine White

Mrs Anna Cutler
Mrs Steph Garfield-Birkbeck
Dr Nicholas Hicks
Dr Jemma Kwint
Mrs Carol Ozuak

Mr Michael Bowdery


Research priority decisions

The Prioritisation Group considered a total of 18 detailed briefing papers (research briefs) which had previously been prioritised by three Topic Identification, Development and Evaluation (TIDE) panels, three Prioritisation Committees and the National Stakeholder Advisory Group. The outcomes for the research briefs are listed below:


Mental Health Panel

Call NoResearch type Title
Not prioritised Primary research Psychosocial intervention for internalised stigma to improve outcomes for people with schizophrenia
Return to POC Primary research Vagus nerve stimulation for highly treatment-resistant depression


Primary Care Panel

Call NoResearch typeTitle
19/1311 Primary research Short-term use of benzodiazepines for the acute management of acute low back pain


Women and Children’s Health Panel

Call NoResearch typeTitle
Return to prioritisation committee Primary research Hysteroscopic removal of retained placenta


Prioritisation Committee: Integrated community health and social care

Call No Research type Title
Not prioritised Primary research Antioxidant supplements to slow AMD progression
Not prioritised Primary research Intranasal phototherapy for severe perennial allergic rhinitis 
19/125 Primary research Cardiac rehabilitation for stable angina
19/128 Primary research Administration routes of steroids in the first-line treatment of idiopathic sensorineural hearing


Prioritisation Committee: Hospital based care

Call NoResearch type Title
19/1201 Primary research Relapsing polymyalgia rheumatica
19/124 Primary research Effectiveness of meniscal allograft transplantation
19/126 Primary research Suspending proton pump inhibitors to reduce clostridium difficile infection
19/129 Primary research Lumbar fusion for low back pain
19/132 Primary research A clinical prediction rule for post-operative atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing cardiac surgery


Prioritisation Committee: Maternal, child and mental health care

Call NoResearch typeTitle
19/123 Primary research Oxybutynin for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause
19/127 Primary research Surgery for endometrioma in women undergoing IVF
19/130 Broad call Bipolar disorder


National Stakeholder Advisory Group

Call NoResearch typeTitle
19/121 Primary research The clinical and cost effectiveness of pulse oximetry screening for hypoxaemia in newborn babies
19/122 Primary research A cross sectional study and modelled evaluation of the performance of bowel cancer screening in England

1 These research priorities are being re-advertised

Future HTA Programme Oversight Committee 2020 meetings: 2020 dates

• 14 February 2020
• 12 June 2020
• 16 October 2020