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Q&A for NIHR Global Health Research Professorships, Round 2



What is the NIHR Global Health Research Professorship scheme?

The NIHR Global Health Research Professorships expands the NIHR Research Professorships remit to continue to include an opportunity for applied global health. These awards include significant funding through the UK aid budget (Official Development Assistance, ODA) and as such, the research programme must be for the primary benefit of patients and people on the Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list. Support is available for individuals in any relevant field of applied global health research with a particular focus on underfunded, under-researched areas.

What is included as part of the award?

The package of support will be the same as all NIHR Research Professorships. Each award can include one doctoral and two post-doctoral appointments, research running costs, a travel fund, a leadership and development programme including access to the NIHR Leadership Programme, the opportunity to request a sabbatical and the basic salary costs of the individual, plus indirect costs, for the lead nominating body which will be a UK Higher Education Institution (HEI).

Who is eligible to apply?

The NIHR Global Health Research Professorships are now open to nominated individuals at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) based in the UK.

The Global Health Research Professorship nomination must be for a candidate undertaking research which aims to specifically and primarily benefit individuals in countries on the OECD DAC list.

How can I apply?

HEIs are expected to nominate health researchers and methodologists with an outstanding record of clinical and applied global health research and its effective translation for improved health in LMICs.

All applications must be submitted via the ARAMIS Awards Management System, which can be accessed via

Does my institution need a partnership with an NHS organisation?

Given the requirement that the research is of direct and primary relevance to countries on the OECD DAC list NIHR Global Health Research Professorships HEIs are not required to have partnerships with an NHS organisations. 

Do I need to collaborate with a developing country?

To facilitate effective global health research and support the generation of high quality relevant research evidence collaboration with researchers in ODA eligible countries is deemed essential. Global Health Research Professorship nominees will be expected to have existing strong collaborations or links with collaborators or partners in institutions in countries on the OECD DAC list. The award should plan to strengthen support, training and capacity development/mentorship in these partner institutions. 

What about my service delivery requirements?

NIHR Research Professors will be funded to spend up to 2 sessions per week delivering service directly or collaborating with others to facilitate service delivery.

We anticipate that NIHR Global Health Research Professors will be funded to spend the equivalent time supporting clinical delivery in the OECD DAC list country or have relevant collaborations which can be supported to be able to fulfil this.

Location of research activity

Research can be conducted in the UK or in the DAC-list country, providing the research outputs are of primary and direct relevance to OECD DAC list countries.

Reasonable travel between the UK and DAC-list institutions can be requested. This will require justification for why these costs have been requested.

Location of team members

1. UK staff based in the UK can go overseas with the Research Professor for visits or field work.

2. UK staff can be based in a DAC-list institution, providing the employment contract is maintained and managed through the UK institution.

3. Staff normally employed in a DAC-list institution would require a sub-contract or collaboration agreement between the UK HEI and DAC-list institution.

4. Where staff will be based remotely from the Research Professor for significant periods of time, whether in the HEI or institutions abroad, appropriate provision must be set out to ensure sufficient support and supervision. All such options or proposals must be justified in the application from a scientific, career development and financial perspective.

What funding can go to the DAC-list country institution?

All funding must be routed through the UK HEI and the Research Professor has to be employed by that HEI.

Any funding to be disbursed to the DAC-list country institution must be justified and it will be the responsibility of the HEI to undertake appropriate due diligence and instigate appropriate relevant financial controls.

Research costs overseas need to be justified in the application and managed through the HEI.

Will the Award Fund Travel to and Staff in the DAC-list Country?

This award is more flexible than the UK based NIHR Research Professorship in terms of travel abroad as the nature of the intended work requires a higher degree of support in this area. Any costs related to this must be fully justified in the application. Similarly, funding of staff in countries abroad to aid the work may be included. Please note that each team member will need to be fully justified and reasonable consideration given to how much time they will be spending on the associated work.