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Research for Patient Benefit Programme - East Midlands Regional Advisory Committee Competition 37 Stage 2 Minutes



Research for Patient Benefit Programme

East Midlands Regional Advisory Committee Minutes of the Competition 37 Stage 2 Committee Meeting held on

Tuesday 14 May 2019

at Trent Vineyard, Easter Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham NG7 2PX

In attendance:

Professor Neil Coulson (Chair)
Professor Jon Arcelus
Mr Chris Bainbridge
Mrs Cassandra Brookes
Dr Clare Gillies
Mr Trevor Jones
Dr Paul Leighton
Dr Nicola Mackintosh
Professor Richard Morriss
Ms Pamela Rees
Dr Nicholas Selby
Professor Helen Spiby
Dr Adam Wagner
Mr David Ward
Dr Nicola Wright

Miss Elizabeth Pocklington (NIHR CCF)
Mr Mathew Bolton (NIHR CCF)
Dr Jennie Hejdenberg (NIHR CCF)
Dr Kim Cartledge (Observer – NIHR RDS East of England)
Miss Katie Stocking (Observer – NIHR RDS North West)

Apologies were received from Dr Adam Gordon and Dr Veronika Van Der Wardt

1. Stage 2 applications considered

1.1 NIHR200428: Management of Infected Knee Replacements-Obtaining Best Evidence-MIKROBE A feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial of one-stage or two-stage surgery for prosthetic knee infection

Conflicts: None

Outcome: Conditional support


1.2 NIHR200455: Organic disease masquerading as IBS: an RCT in primary care: The Lincolnshire Poacher Study (Promoting Optimal Assessment to Change Health and Engineer an Economic Revolution)

Conflicts: Professor Helen Spiby, Mrs Cassandra Brookes and Dr Paul Leighton

Outcome: Conditional support


1.3 NIHR200525: Optimising the long term care of people with coeliac disease in the NHS: What care is currently provided in the NHS for people with coeliac disease, what does it cost, what might the budget impact of implementing national guidance be and how could follow up care be provided in the future?

Conflicts: Mr Trevor Jones, Dr Nicola Wright, Professor Richard Morris and Dr Paul Leighton

Outcome: Reject


1.4 NIHR200571: Ultrasound scan to determine umbilical venous catheter position in newborn infants: a feasibility and pilot randomised controlled trial

Conflicts: Mrs Cassandra Brookes, Dr Paul Leighton and Dr Nicholas Selby

Outcome: Reject