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Research for Patient Benefit Programme - London Regional Advisory Committee Competition 37 Stage 2 Minutes



Minutes of the Competition 37 Stage 2 Committee Meeting
Thursday 16 May 2019
LGC Ltd, Grange House, 15 Church Street, Twickenham TW1 3NL

In attendance:

Professor Brian Davidson (Chair)
Dr Julie Barber
Dr Lindsay Bearne
Dr Catey Bunce
Dr Marta Buszewicz
Ms Mikaela Davies
Dr Channa Jayasena
Professor Hemant Kocher
Ms Debra Lennard
Dr Brynmor Lloyd-Evans
Professor Nicola Pavese
Dr Mark Pennington
Dr Victoria Serra-Sastre
Dr Cath Taylor
Professor Shakila Thangaratinam
Professor Christina Victor
Mrs Lilu Wheeler

Dr Samantha Gan (NIHR CCF)
Mrs Emily Allen (NIHR CCF)
Miss Lilian Tomlinson (NIHR CCF)
Dr Caroline Eyles (Observer – NIHR RDS South Central
Dr Manavi Maharshi (Observer – NIHR RDS South East Coast)
Dr Jo Welsman (Observer – NIHR RDS South West)

Apologies were received from Dr Martina Di Simplicio, Dr Chris Gale, Professor Elizabeth Grunfeld.


1. Stage 2 applications considered

1.1 NIHR200473: Being kind to ourselves: A feasibility randomised controlled trial of Compassion Focused therapy (CFT) to improve depression and anxiety in Dementia

Conflicts: Professor Brian Davidson, Dr Julie Barber, Dr Catey Bunce, Dr Marta Buszewicz and Professor Christina Victor. Professor Shakila Thangaratinam assumed the Chair.

Outcome: Reject


1.2 NIHR200514: Age appropriate methods for identifying and assessing unrecorded autism in older adulthood: developing and evaluating a test to enable pathways to autism informed treatment and care and their future evaluation

Conflicts: None

Outcome: Reject


1.3 NIHR200520: Development and co-design of a patient reported outcome measure to assess adverse events in people with renal and melanoma cancers treated with immunotherapy

Conflicts: Dr Lindsay Bearne and Dr Cath Taylor

Outcome: Reject


1.4 NIHR200580: Management of ANkle fractures in CHildren: development of a core Outcome set and the feasibility of a Randomised controlled trial (ANCHOR study)

Conflicts: None

Outcome: Conditional support


1.5 NIHR200595: Long-term Outcomes in Long Standing Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Comparing Catheter Ablation and Thoracoscopic Surgical Ablation

Conflicts: None

Outcome: Conditional support