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Research for Patient Benefit Programme - North West Regional Advisory Committee Competition 37 Stage 2 Minutes



Research for Patient Benefit Programme

North West Regional Advisory Committee Minutes of the Competition 37 Stage 2 Committee Meeting held on

Wednesday 15 May 2019 

at Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel, Blackfriars Street, Manchester M3 2EQ

In attendance:

Professor Tom Solomon (Chair)
Dr Sarah Cotterill
Dr Peter Fisher
Professor Paul French
Dr Dharani Hapangama
Ms Judith Jones
Dr Jamie Kirkham
Mrs Rita Long
Dr John Marshall
Professor Matthew Peak
Dr William Whittaker
Dr Mark Wilberforce
Professor Tracey Williamson

Dr Kasia Kuleszewicz (NIHR CCF)
Mr Bryan Dar (NIHR CCF)
Miss Scarlett Marshall (NIHR CCF)
Mr Ben Morgan (NIHR CCF)
Dr Joanne Lally (Observer – NIHR RDS North East)
Dr Olga Vikhireva (Observer – NIHR RDS West Midlands)

Apologies were received from Dr Lazaros Andronis, Dr Louise Connell, Prof Hedley Emsley, Prof Kevin Munro, Dr Andrew Sharp, Prof Rod Stables, Dr Daniel Wootton, Dr Penny Bee

1. Stage 2 applications considered

1.1 NIHR200460: A peer-delivered disclosure course as an intervention to combat the stigma of psychosis: intervention refinement and feasibility

Conflicts: Dr Sarah Cotterill, Dr Mark Wilberforce, Dr William Whittaker, Professor Paul French, and Mrs Rita Long

Outcome: Conditional support


1.2 NIHR200500: Quantifying and implementing patient preferences for the treatment of high-risk rectal cancer, including the new strategy of organ preservation: PrefCoRe project

Conflicts: Dr Mark Wilberforce and Dr William Whittaker

Outcome: Conditional support


1.3 NIHR200543: Community Outpatient Psychotherapy Engagement Service for Self-harm (COPESS): A feasibility trial

Conflicts: Dr Jamie Kirkham, Dr Dharani Hapangama and Dr Sarah Cotterill

Outcome: Conditional support


1.4 NIHR200553: Exploring how the naturalistic skills of care-workers impact on the well-being of residents in care-homes: a micro-interactional study

Conflicts: Professor Tracey Williamson left the room

Outcome: Conditional support


1.5 NIHR200821: Screening for Psychotic Major Depression in Primary Care: A Feasibility Study

Conflicts: None

Outcome: Reject