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Research for Patient Benefit Programme - South East and Central Regional Advisory Committee Competition 38 Stage 1 Minutes



Research for Patient Benefit Programme

South East and Central Regional Advisory Committee Minutes of the Competition 38 Stage 1 Committee Meeting

held on Wednesday 15 May 2019

at ETC Venues, Avonmouth House, 6 Avonmouth Street, London SE1 6NX

In attendance:

Professor Carrie Llewellyn (Chair)
Mrs Wendy Blunden
Dr Stephen Bremner
Professor Michael Calnan
Professor Daniel Freeman (Deputy Chair)
Ms Rosemary Greenwood
Dr Mark Hayward
Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox
Dr Christina Jones
Dr Louise Linsell
Miss Alison Provins
Professor Najib M Rahman
Professor Simon Skene
Dr James Sheppard
Professor Ian Swaine
Mrs Ann-Marie Towers
Mr Keith Wyncoll

Dr Laura Tornatore (NIHR CCF)
Dr Jennie Hejdenberg (NIHR CCF)
Miss Lilian Tomlinson (NIHR CCF)
Professor Sue Ziebland, Programme Director
Dr Sebastian Hinde (Observer – NIHR RDS Yorkshire and The Humber)
Dr Louise Marsland, Research Advisor (Observer – NIHR RDS East of England)
Professor Guiqing Lily Yao (Observer – NIHR RDS East Midlands)

Apologies were received from Mr David Turner, Dr Dawn-Marie Walker, Dr Peter Worsely and Professor Simon Coulton


1. Stage 1 applications considered

1.1 NIHR200707: Randomised evaluation of advance care planning in heart failure: A feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial

Conflicts: Dr James Sheppard

Outcome: Rejected


1.2 NIHR200708: Information and support needs of patients with different types of lung cancer (INSULAR)

Conflicts: Dr Stephen Bremner

Outcome: Rejected


1.3 NIHR200710: Cognitive Analytic Therapy for Containing Self-Harm in Young People (CATCH-Y): A feasibility trial

Conflicts: Professor Daniel Freeman

Outcome: Invited to Stage 2


1.4 NIHR200712: Reducing Anxiety in Patients Who Have Had a Heart Attack and are Treated with Emergency Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Conflicts: None

Outcome: Rejected


1.5 NIHR200713: Comparing approaches to identify frail older adults in England

Conflicts: Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox, Dr James Sheppard and Dr Louise Linsell.

Outcome: Invited to Stage 2


1.6 NIHR200731: HIP HELPER - Improving patient recovery following hip fracture through caregiver support: a feasibility study

Conflicts: Professor Daniel Freeman, Profesor Najib M Rahman and Dr Louise Linsell.

Outcome: Invite to Stage 2

1.7 NIHR200745: Developing a prototype delivery format to enhance the Back Skills Training (BeST) intervention based on behaviour change theory “BeST-Behaviour.” A mixed methods Plan-Do-Study-Act developmental study.

Conflicts: Professor Daniel Freeman and Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox.

Outcome: Rejected


1.8 NIHR200746: Understanding the importance of blood pressure differences in pregnancy

Conflicts: Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox, Dr James Sheppard, Dr Louise Linsell and Professor Ian Swaine.

Outcome: Rejected


1.9 NIHR200747: A randomised feasibility study to assess a smartphone medication monitoring and reminder application (Medopad) in renal transplant recipients with high tacrolimus variability

Conflicts: Dr Louise Linsell and Miss Alison Provins.

Outcome: Invited to Stage 2


1.10 NIHR200753: Establishing evidence-based management of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to improve clinical outcomes throughout the care pathway.

Conflicts: Ms Rosemary Greenwood

Outcome: Invited to Stage 2


1.11 NIHR200755: Unscheduled ConversAtions with parents in Paediatric intensive care: The UNCAP study

Conflicts: Dr Guiqing Lily Yao

Outcome: Invited to Stage 2


1.12 NIHR200757: A feasibility study examining the incorporation of Virtual Reality in a Pain Management Programme to enhance the learning and practice of techniques for the management of chronic pain

Conflicts: None

Outcome: Rejected


1.13 NIHR200781: [RfPB] Improving the prescribing for people with long-term pain: a low-cost randomised control trial to investigate variation in opioids prescribed across English primary care

Conflicts: Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox and Dr James Sheppard

Outcome: Rejected


1.14 NIHR200800: Using an asynchronous telehealth messaging platform to enable NHS healthcare providers to better assess, respond to and support frail patients and their caregivers living at home.

Conflicts: None

Outcome: Rejected