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Research for Patient Benefit Programme - South West Regional Advisory Committee Competition 37 Stage 2 Minutes



Research for Patient Benefit Programme

South West Regional Advisory Committee

Minutes of the Competition 37 Stage 2 and Competition 38 Stage 1 Committee Meeting held on

Thursday 23 May 2019

at Sandy Park Conference Centre, Sandy Park Way, Exeter EX2 7NN

In attendance:

Mrs Siobhan Creanor (Chair)
Professor David Abbott
Dr Rebecca Abbott
Dr Rebecca Barnes
Dr Matthew Booker
Associate Professor Edward Carlton
Mrs Lisa Dolley
Professor William Henley
Dr Elsa Marques
Dr Susie Pearce
Dr Isabel Reading
Mr Philip Ruthen
Ms Rosemary Whitehurst
Dr Vikki Wylde

Mr Simon Goodwin (NIHR CCF)
Dr Samantha Gan (NIHR CCF)
Ms Jazmin Hernandez (NIHR CCF)
Miss Scarlett Marshall (NIHR CCF)
Professor Sue Ziebland (Programme Director)
Dr Louise Hayes (Observer – NIHR RDS North East)

Apologies were received from Dr Natalie Blencowe, Dr Emma Dures, Professor Jane Powell and Professor Robert Hinchliffe.

1. Stage 2 applications considered

1.1 NIHR200470: Parent Reported Quality of Life Measures for Young Children with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia: QOL-PCD

Conflicts: Dr Isabel Reading

Outcome: Conditional support


1.2 NIHR200509: Measuring Health in Children with CFS/ME: Refinement, application and evaluation of new PROM (PEACH) in routine practice

Conflicts: Dr Elsa Marques and Dr Rebecca Barnes.

Outcome: Conditional support


1.3 NIHR200527: Optimal Time of Birth: Developing an Evidence Based Clinical Risk Tool (OPTIBIRTH)

Conflicts: Dr Elsa Marques and Associate Professor Edward Carlton.

Outcome: Reject


1.4 NIHR200585: Intervention mapping of INtegrated Self-management supporT for youNg women (15-25 years) with Chronic pelvic pain (INSTaNCy): a mixed methods study


Outcome: Reject 


1.5 NIHR200586: Addressing the trauma-related distress of young people in care: A randomised feasibility trial across social-care and mental health services

Conflicts: Mr Philip Ruthen and Associate Professor Edward Carlton.

Outcome: Conditional support


1.6 NIHR200596: Development and feasibility of a Novel digital self-management programme for young adults (18 -39 years) with Type 2 Diabetes. (Digital Diabetes Education for Younger Adults)

Conflicts: None

Outcome: Reject