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Research for Social Care Competition 2 Stage 2 Minutes



Date and Location:

Wednesday 8 July 2020 Via Zoom Meeting Platform

In attendance:

Professor David Abbott (Chair)

Mrs Ann-Marie Towers

Dr Anne Killett

Dr Brynmor Lloyd-Evans

Professor Chris Hatton (Deputy Chair)

Professor Claire Hulme 

Mrs Debby Lennard

Professor Frank Keating

Mr Glen Garrod

Ms Helen Weatherly

Professor Julie Fish

Dr Jenni Brooks

Dr Juliette Malley

Dr Kate Baxter

Mr Keith Wyncoll

Dr Ly-Mee Yu 

Dr Mark Wilberforce 

Dr Philip Whitehead



Dr Rifat Mahbub (NIHR CCF)

Mr Ben Morgan (NIHR CCF)

Mr Ian Beason (NIHR CCF)

Ms Laura Mason (NIHR CCF)

Mr Simon Goodwin (NIHR CCF)

Miss Saida Sherif (NIHR CCF) 

Miss Lilian Tomlinson (NIHR CCF) 

Professor Sue Ziebland (Programme Director)



Ms Regina Adu (Observer - Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust) 


Ms Leanne Dew  (Observer - DHSC) 


Dr Paul Willis (Observer - New committee member)


Apologies were received from Professor Jill Manthorpe and Dr Julie Ridley



Competition 2 Stage 2 applications considered


 NIHR201861: Sustaining locally-driven social care for those affected by dementia: A realist evaluation of successful Meeting Centres

Conflicts: Professor Chris Hatton, Dr Juliette Malley and Ms Helen Weatherly

Final Outcome: Conditional Support


NIHR201878: Can a ‘trigger’ question to identify gambling harms to individuals or affected others be validated and used in three local authority (LA) Adult services departments (ASDs)?

Conflicts: Dr Kate Baxter and Dr Mark Wilberforce, Professor Chris Hatton and Dr Juliette Malley

Final outcome: Conditional support


NIHR201863: Mental capacity and personal finances: a qualitative study of assessment and support

Conflicts: Dr Kate Baxter, Professor Chris Hatton,Dr Juliette Malley and Dr Mark Wilberforce

Final outcome: Conditional Support


NIHR201875: Co-design of a nutritional intervention to improve the protein intake for residents of care homes

Conflicts: Dr Jenni Brooks

Final outcome: Reject


NIHR201852: Suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, and self-harm in parent carers

Conflicts: Professor Claire Hulme and Professor Frank Keating

Final outcome: Conditional Support


NIHR201868: Together in Prison: Developing a parenting programme to promote family wellbeing for young fathers in prison

Conflicts: Ms Debby Lennard

Final outcome: Conditional Support


NIHR201881: Promoting a social and rights-based approach to assessment under the Mental Health Act

Conflicts: Dr Kate Baxter, Professor Chris Hatton and Professor Frank Keating

Final outcome: Reject


NIHR201855: Examining Impact of Local Area Coordination as a Preventative Intervention in Adult Social Care

Conflicts: Professor Claire Hulme, Mrs Ann-Marie Towers, Ms Helen Weatherly, Dr Phillip Whitehead and Dr Mark Wilberforce Dr Kate Baxter

Final outcome: Conditional support


NIHR201866: Investigating Social Workers’ role in supporting Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to enhance outcomes for adults with complex needs

Conflicts: Professor Frank Keating, Dr Anne Killett, Dr Juliette Malley and Dr Paul Willis. Dr Kate Baxter and Mrs Ann-Marie Towers

Final outcome: Reject


NIHR201860: Investigating non-use of walking aids in relation to occurrence of falls in residential care homes

Conflicts: Professor Chris Hatton

Final outcome: Reject


NIHR201865: Better Progress: Building better career pathways and a more sustainable workforce in social care

Conflicts: None

Final outcome: Reject


NIHR201874: Community-Enhanced Social Prescribing: A non-randomised controlled mixed methods feasibility study

Conflicts: Dr Kate Baxter, Dr Brynmore Lloyd Evans, Professor Chris Hatton, Dr Juliette Malley, Ms Helen Weatherly and Dr Mark Wilberforce

Final outcome: Conditional support


NIHR201879: Balancing the rights and needs of people with dementia and their carers: a mixed methods study

Conflicts: Professor Claire Hulme and Professor Ly-Mee Yu

Final outcome: Reject


NIHR201882: Development of a multivariable modifiable risk factor model to identify care home residents who would benefit from individualised falls prevention interventions: the MARCH (Modifiable fAlls Risks in Care Homes) study

Conflicts: None

Final outcome: Reject


NIHR201872: Supporting the spread of effective integration models for older people living in care homes: A mixed method approach

Conflicts: Professor Claire Hulme, Dr Juliette Malley and Dr Mark Wilberforce

Final outcome: Conditional Support


NIHR201883: Care 2 Move’: Can a staff training intervention to promote physical activity in older people be delivered and robustly evaluated in care homes? A stakeholder led implementation planning and feasibility study

Conflicts: Dr Phillip Whitehead

Final outcome: Reject


NIHR201877: ROSALIN: Reducing Older people’s Social isolation And Loneliness by vIdeo techNology

Conflicts: Professor Ly-Mee Yu

Final outcome: Reject



Outcomes table for C2 Stage 2 

This table displays the mean score for each application that was assessed in the regional assessment committee meeting, and excludes applications that were rejected during the scrutiny and triage processes. Applications are listed according to mean score and outcome. The RfSC fundable range is 6-10 although a score of 6-10 does not guarantee funding. In exceptional circumstances and with approval from the Programme Director, applications may be invited/funded which fall below the fundable range.


  Fundable range Rejected range
Score 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Stage 2