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SPARC awardees Round 4



SPARC (Short Placement Award for Research Collaboration) Round 4 Awardees

Name: Naoimh McMahon

Subject area: Physiotherapist

“Putting theory into practice: A short placement with Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health”



Name: Laura Swaithes

Subject area: Physiotherapist

“Broadening horizons of knowledge mobilisation in primary care”

From CLAHRC WM, To: Wider NIHR @marsh_lauram


Name: Richard Williams

Subject area: Health Informatician

“Applying process mining to routinely collected primary care data”

From Manchester PSTRC, To: Leeds PSTRC


Name: Doug Hardman

“Empathy in general practice: an exploration of ethnographic data.”

From Southampton NIHR SPCR, To: Oxford NIHR SPCR


Name: Tomasz Szymanski

Subject area: Health Economics

“Cross-CLAHRC collaboration for exploring the cost-effectiveness of medication review”

From CLAHRC NWL, To: CLAHRC North Thames @WhoTomasz


Name: James Fullam

“Randomised Controlled Trials: Inception to Implementation.”

From PenCLAHRC, To: CLAHRC Oxford



Name: Mable Nakubulwa

Subject area: Statistics

“Exploring methods of evaluating the impact of complex service delivery interventions in health care”

From CLAHRC NWL, To: CLAHRC West @MableNakubulwa


Name: David Lunn

Subject area: Clinical Biochemist

“New measurement techniques and use of a pre existing dataset to evaluate functional outcomes of patients”

From Leeds BRC, To: Newcastle BRC



Name: Robert Pierzycki

“Advancing collaborations, methodological expertise and high-impact publication output towards establishing leadership in a personal research area”

From: Nottingham BRC To: Manchester BRC

@RobertPierzycki @NottsSPHL @hearingnihr


Name: Gemma Spiers

Subject area: Health Services Research

“Exploring the interface between health and social care research in the NIHR Schools”




Name: Mark Turner

Subject area: Basic Scientist

“Investigating the effects of ectopic fat deposition on lipid metabolism in human hepatocyte and skeletal muscle cells using stable isotope methodologies”

From: Leicester BRC To: Oxford BRC



Name: Rhiannon Macefield

“Developing advanced evidence synthesis skills to inform rapid and focused surgical innovation: a training placement between the Bristol BRC (Surgical Innovation theme) and the Manchester BRC (Dermatology theme), Greater Manchester CLAHRC and Cochrane Wounds”

From: Bristol BRC To: Manchester BRC/CLAHRC

@CSR_Bris @BristolBRC


Name: Meerat Kaur

“Testing learning about co-creation between healthcare professionals and patients/public in Quality Improvement: Ensuring rigour and relevance”

From: CLAHRC NWL To: CLAHRC South London