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SR Programme reviewers list



Systematic Reviews Programme reviewers

To demonstrate our gratitude to our reviewers and acknowledge the important work they do for the programme the names of the past year’s reviewers are listed below:

Ms Elizabeth Adams
Mrs Carole Bailey
Professor Stephen Bain
Professor John Britton
Ms Hazel Cheeseman
Professor Victor Chong
Ms Jennifer Cole
Mrs Fiona Copeland
Professor Thomas Dietrich
Dr Munira Essat
Dr Medhat Ezzat
Dr Stephen Falk
Dr Johanna Feary
Dr Jane Fenn
Dr Claire Gibson
Mrs Lisa Gough
Mrs Mairead Harding
Dr Wendy Higman
Professor Robert Hills
Ms Jennifer Hirst
Dr Syed Hoque
Ms Margaret Hughes
Mr Trevor Jones
Dr Nick Kennedy
Dr Joanna Leaviss
Dr Alexandros Mathioudakis
Professor Denis May
Mr Lee Middleton
Dr Sophie Orton
Ms Farrah Pradhan
Dr Damien Reid
Mrs Christina Rennie
Dr Nicola Roberts
Ms Ewelina Rogozinska
Dr Neil Scott
Dr Nicole Skoetz
Professor Peter Smitham
Dr Chris Sotirelis
Dr Sabita Uthaya
Mrs Susan Walters
Professor Hywel Williams
Mrs Melanie Williams
Dr Nerys Woolacott
Dr Sharon Zahra