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UKCRC Registered Clinical Trials Units contacts






Areas able to support

Julia Brown

Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research

1) Complex interventions trial design and analysis: Supervisors Julia Brown, Amanda Farrin, Dr Rebecca Walwyn

2) Design of experiments:Supervisors Julia Brown, Dr Rebecca Walwyn

3) Early-phase cancer trial designs: Supervisors Julia Brown, Dr Sarah Brown

4) Adaptive trial design and analysis: Supervisors Julia Brown, Dr David Cairns, Dr Dena Howard

5) Surrogate outcome measure development and evaluation: Julia Brown, Dr David Cairns, Dr Sarah Brown

6) Applied health informatics / routine data alongside clinical trials

a) In cancer: Supervisors Julia Brown, Dr David Cairns

b) In complex intervention evaluationSupervisors: Julia Brown, Amanda Farrin

Gillian Lancaster

Keele Clinical Trials Unit

Biostatistics in randomised trials

Methods of pilot and feasibility trials Prognosis research

Stratified care trial design and methods

Systematic review methods including IPD metaanalysis

Big data / electronic health record research and epidemiology

James Capenter

MRC Clinical Trials Unit - University College London

The CTU has a strong, programme of methodological activity and can support a wide range of methodology relative to the design, analysis and conduct clinical trials. This includes novel multi-arm multi-stage designs and non-inferioirity designs; meta-analysis methodology; methodology for missing trial outcomes and effective use of routine electronic health records in trials.

In addition, we are closely linked to both the MSc in clinical trials at UCL, and the MSc in medical statistics at the LSHTM, and already provide projects and supervision for students in both programmes.

Caroline Murphy

King's Clinical Trials Unit

0207 848 5273

1. Trials of complex interventions: quality control and adaptive designs

2. Efficient development of databases

3. Long term follow up

4. Efficacy designs to reduce non compliance

5. Trials within cohort studies

Ann Marie Swart

Norwich Clinical Trials Unit

We have a Health Economics MSc and are able to offer training in health economic evaluation alongside clinical trials (Jenny Whitty and David Turner). We can also offer an MSc in health research methods alongside broad training in trial design and delivery (Matthew Hammond). We have experts in process evaluation and qualitative methods and can provide practical training in these areas (Jamie Murdoch). We have expertise in complex interventions, drug and device trials.

Anna Maria Geretti

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) Clinical Trials Unit

The area that we will be able to support is translational research in the area of virology / infectious diseases - with a focus on blood borne viruses (HIV and viral hepatitis) - and including a Global Health aspect. The possible applications span field work (including point of care diagnostics and outreach initiatives to bring testing to hard-to-reach populations), epidemiology and statistics (including systematic reviews and meta-analyses), identification of biomarkers of disease and treatment outcomes (including laboratory sciences in the area of virology), database management, research methodologies, research governance and ethics, networking and research partnerships, and liaisons with industrial partners.

Chris Metcalfe

Bristol Randomised Trials Collaboration

The Bristol Randomised Trials Collaboration has strengths in the design, conduct and analysis of pragmatic trials of interventions in clinical areas including public health, primary care, oncology, community psychiatry, child and adolescent health, neurology, and urology. We work with a broad team of methodologists, who are experienced in supervising pre-doctoral, doctoral and post-doc research fellows in the fields of medical statistics, health economics, and clinical trial design. We work closely with the Bristol Clinical Trials and Evaluation Unit, under the umbrella of the Bristol Trials Centre, allowing opportunities for fellows to work with senior methodologists across the two units.

Chris Rogers

Bristol Clinical Trials and Evaluation Unit

We are a clinical trials unit with a particular interest in conducted in a hospital setting, including surgery. The fellow would join a team of methodologists (statisticians, trials, health economists) with extensive experience in the design, conduct and analysis of trials. The fellow would have the opportunity to be gain experience in all aspects of the life-cycle of a trial and in the use of routine data (e.g. hospital episode statistics) in a trial context.

Chris Partlett

Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit

Contact for information

Dan Hind

Sheffield Clinical Trials Unit

Contact for information

David Harrison

Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre


Contact for information

David Torgerson

York Trials Unit

We are happy to support Fellowships in: Medical Statistics; Clinical Trial Design; Mixed Methods and Qualitative Research

Ly Mee Yu

Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit, part of the Oxford Primary Care and Vaccines Collaborative Clinical Trials Unit

Contact for information

Nick Freemantle

Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at University College London

CCTU is happy to act as a host for these fellowships (and we have experience of other similar schemes such as in mental health research). We have particular support to offer in statistics and operations across the range of trial designs (phase 1 through 4). A suitable fellow could be involved with the development of specific projects to provide relevant experience of all aspects of the statistics and operations of clinical trials.

Gareth Griffiths

Southampton Clinical Trials Unit

Contact for information

Gavin Murphy

Leicester Clinical Trials Unit

Contact for information

Nadine Foster

Keele Clinical Trials Unit

Contact for information

Simon Gates

Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit- Birmingham


Contact for information

Siobhan Creanor

Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit- University of Plymouth

Contact for information

Apostolos Fakis

Derby Clinical Trials Unit

Derby CTSU would be very pleased to host such a Fellowship and we would be able to provide support in the areas of Medical Statistics, Clinical Trial Design and Operational Research.

Victoria Cornelius

Imperial Clinical Trials Unit

Dr Victoria Cornelius would be pleased to supervise fellows who are interested in undertaking training and projects in clinical trials, network meta-analysis, Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis and drug safety. Clinical areas include including dermatology, allergy, asthma, critical care and mental health. Fellows interested in learning more about ‘digital trials’, both as an intervention and the use of routinely collected data in trial are also encouraged.

Professor Toby Prevost would be pleased to supervise fellows interested in undertaking projects in statistical methods for repeated measures in clinical trials. He works across a number of clinical areas including ophthalmology, cancer, surgery and cardiovascular studies.

Vikki Hughes

Papworth Trials Unit Collaboration

We would be willing and able to support fellows in Medical Statistics, Clinical Trial Design, and Health Economics. Our Supervisors would include Dr Sofia Villar (Statistician) and Prof Julia Fox-Rushby (Health Economics).


Oxford Vaccine group, part of the Oxford Primary Care and Vaccines Collaborative Clinical Trials Unit

Contact for information

Irwin Nazareth Greta Rait

Priment Clinical Trials Unit at University College London

Contact for information

Carrol Gamble

Liverpool Clinical Trials Collaborative


Statistics, Clinical Trials, Health Informatics, Core Outcome Set Methods

Sandra Eldridge

Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit

The Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit is a UK Clinical Research Collaboration [] (UKCRC) registered, and National Institute for Health Research [] (NIHR) funded unit at the forefront of the science and execution of pragmatic clinical trials

[] with direct relevance for practice. We work across many different clinical areas with a particular focus on primary care [], mental health [], women's health [], colorectal surgery [] We have specific methodological strengths in cluster randomised trials, stepped wedge designs, trials within cohorts, re-randomisation, and pilot and feasibility studies.