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Want to set up RECOVERY-RS but not sure you can? (Video Transcript)


Want to set up RECOVERY-RS but not sure you can?

Here's everything you need to know...

The RECOVERY-RS trial aims to compare three methods of providing respiratory support to patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19:

  1. CPAP - Continuous positive airway pressure
  2. HFNO - High flow nasal oxygen
  3. Oxygen therapy only

The study is flexible, easy to set up and should have minimal burden on NHS teams.

Sites do not need to recruit to all treatment arms at all times.

Patients treated in any part of the hospital may take part, not just those in Intensive Care Units.

It is possible to co-enrol patients with a number of other COVID-19 studies.

The trial has already been approved by the Health Research Authority.

Training is available online.

Data collection is limited to the start and end of the trial.

Your NIHR Local Clinical Research Network can support you to set up and deliver the study.

"Help us to rapidly build the evidence base that will inform the best treatments for patients." - Prof Danny McAuley and Prof Gavin Perkins, Co-Chief Investigators

Find out if your hospital could help deliver this vital research: RECOVERY-RS webpage

Logos: National Institute for Health Research; Warwick Clinical Trials Unit; Queen’s university Belfast; University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust Intensive Care Society.