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What to consider when choosing a mentor or mentee



When considering choosing a mentor, you may wish to think about the following

  • Compatibility: Someone that will put you at ease, you can talk with freely and establish rapport
  • Contrast: Someone that is different to you and will help you to step out of your comfort zone, for example, someone with different personal and professional background and expertise
  • Challenge: Someone that will challenge you, asking challenging and powerful questions which have the potential to change your perspective
  • Context: Someone with the knowledge and expertise to guide and support you on your journey
  • Care: Someone that is compassionate and has emotional intelligence, self-aware and empathetic.

When considering whether to work with a mentee, you may wish to think about the following

  • Openness to learn: Someone who is curious to learn, develop and grow
  • Committed: Mentoring can often be a long-term relationship, therefore committing to the mentoring relationship and subsequent actions is important
  • Willing to be challenged: Someone that is open to challenge, curious and welcomes challenging and powerful questions
  • Receptive to feedback: Someone willing to hear, accept and act on feedback
  • Respectful: Someone mindful of time, energy, boundaries and the contractual agreement.

Questions to consider

  • Looking back to your previous experience of mentoring, when considering a mentor or mentee, what were the deciding factors, if any?
  • Going forward, what might you look for in a potential mentor or mentee?
  • What action will you take now to move forward with a mentoring relationship?


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