Greater Manchester - Introduction to Seeking Informed Consent

Date: 28 February 2019

Time: 09:00 to 12:30

Location: Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

The CRN GM Workforce, Learning & Development Team are now offering a pathway of development opportunities focusing solely on the topic of Informed Consent in Clinical Research.

The opportunities are incremental in the need to understand the consent process - from being part of a team who seek consent to being a consent designee.

Each stage looks at consent from a behavioural/practical perspective, rather than an ethical one.

Workshops are interactive, involving the application of theory into practice - using self-reflection & workshop exercises.

Before booking, please review the pathway in relation to your role & experience:- 


Foundation – new to seeking consent in clinical research.

Research practitioners can access this workshop after Essentials training - within 3-6 months of induction.


This half-day workshop is an introduction - providing background and theory - supporting progress towards competence in seeking / receiving informed consent in clinical research.  

It gives the grounding required to seek further training within the pathway.

Delegates will be encouraged to:-

  • Relate workshop content to practice
  • Reflect on current knowledge and practice & plan for role development / assessment of competence
  • Apply course content to enhance the patient/participant experience

To improve skills and increase confidence in the application of “good research practice” by:-

  • Understanding the ethical and legislative frameworks supporting informed consent
  • Understanding the principles of consent and responsibilities of the consent designee
  • Developing an understanding of the research consent ‘5-Step Conversation’
  • Make use of opportunities to apply theory into practice

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    Intro to Seeking Informed Consent

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