Greater Manchester - Working in the CRN - Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

Date: 12 December 2017

Time: 09:30 to 13:15

Location: Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

This interactive training course is delivered over a half-day and has been developed for anyone who works in clinical research.

Level: Foundation – new starters to clinical research in the CRN (Clinical Research Network) may benefit more if this course is undertaken within 3-6 months of induction.

Aims: At the end of this session staff will have further understanding of the CRN’s role, impact and environment and how their own role in research relates to this. Delegates will be inspired to reflect on their values, create a vision for their job role and to consider the benefits of collaboration within a network.

In particular, the session will allow attendees to: 

  • Establish connections with other staff in their Network 
  • Explore the values that underpin the commitment to research 
  • Gain insight into who their CRN is and where they fit into the NIHR 
  • Understand more about the NIHR’s stakeholders 
  • Build a vision of their role in the NIHR
  • Consider the opportunities within ‘One NIHR’ Objectives: Participants will be able to explore their particular understanding of research, its environment, values and goals, to consider their connection to the NIHR and their role within the organisation. Core Elements: 

1. The session is broken into the following elements: 

  • Shared Values 
  • Identify areas of alignment / disorder between the Networks’ and participants values and explore what these mean for us as individuals.

2. NIHR Family

  • Explore the Network’s complex environment and the CRN’s role within this 

3. Stakeholders 

  • Discuss who these may be and the many ways the NIHR can be of benefit to them
  • Explore participants own role and the benefits they bring to stakeholders 

4. Our Vision 

  • Help develop participants vision for their job role
  • Consider the benefits of being part of a network and how this can help achieve this vision 

5. One NIHR 

  • Brings together all the elements discussed throughout the session

Course delivery:- presentations; video; individual and group activities; problem-based discussions and scenarios


NIHR CRN GM Training Team – Course Booking System

The training team are tasked by the NIHR CRN to provide regular training courses in subjects such as Good Clinical Practice to support our research delivery workforce.

The system used to administer and book these courses has now changed from the ‘Learning Management System’ to a Moodle-based system – ‘CRN Learn.’

Courses for research staff

If you are involved in planning or delivering research that involves NHS participants, (or will be in the near future), you will need to register for a CRN Learn account at 
Please use your NHS/organisational email address or your NIHR HUB account and ensure that you tell us what your research role is within your registration details.

Once an account has been created, the user can:

  • Review course details such as aims/objectives
  • Review the choice of dates/venues for face-to-face events
  • Book a place (or request to wait, should the course be full)
  • Print certificates (or badges) of completion

Course Information and Schedules

It is also possible to view our schedule and dates in Greater Manchester through the Clinical Research Network: Greater Manchester website at:
Please note that some of our courses are designed for specific cohorts of our workforce only. If there is eligibility criteria to be met, this will either be outlined in the course details or we will write to you for clarification.

Please note: Failure to complete any course may incur a charge of £75 to cover NIHR CRN costs.


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