North West London - Informed Consent

Date: 15 July 2019

Time: 08:45 to 12:00

Location: Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital

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This workshop has been designed to enable you to embed the core principles of informed consent into your daily practice and to provide a foundation upon which to build competence in the informed consent process in your own research setting. The course covers the ethical and legislative frameworks that underpin the research consent process, along with the principles and responsibilities of consent in clinical research, best practice and insight into the added protection required for vulnerable groups.

Expected learning outcomes: Delegates will have a demonstrable understanding of the background and practical implications of the informed consent process, and the documentation which supports it. The course also sets out the roles and responsibilities of different individuals involved in the process, and the ethical and legal considerations that influence the practice of informed consent. Delegates will be able to acknowledge their personal and professional accountability when participating in the consent process, and will know where to go for further advice/support and how to develop and maintain competence in the informed consent process.


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    Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital
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