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Webinar: Leading with agility to strengthen hybrid working

Date: 03 February 2022
Time: 13:00 to 14:00
Location: Online

This webinar will help you to consider how you can lead with agility to help navigate yourself and your virtual or hybrid team through uncertainty and ambiguity, to make faster decisions and reach better outcomes in the face of on-going change.

You will  explore the three steps to leading with agility, considering the new capabilities of leaders to survive and thrive in today’s environment.  You will learn that this depends on making a fundamental transformation to the organisation and our teams to become more agile and that this requires a fundamentally different kind of leadership.   

During the webinar, you will be introduced  to tools and techniques to help you to;

  • Develop an Agile Leadership Mind
  • Transform your team to work in new ways in a hybrid way
  • Build agility into the design and culture of your organisation 

You will also have the opportunity to ask the presenters questions at the end for their live response. 

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