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Webinar: Neurodiversity - thinking differently together


03 March 2022


13:00 to 14:00



This webinar will explore neurodiversity through different types of attention, to understand how it influences who we are, why we work, and what we focus on.   

Our brains have to balance competing goals and preferences. Through neurodiversity, you will learn about how these patterns intersect with culture, shape organisational structures, and explore shifting post-pandemic viewpoints through a cognitive lens. Our purpose is to make the invisible workings of our mind more visible in workplace contexts.

During the webinar, you will be introduced to tools and techniques to help you:

  • Increase awareness of invisible differences
  • Reveal potential blind spots and cognitive biases
  • Create opportunities to Think Differently Together

You will also have the opportunity to ask the presenters questions at the end for their live response.

Register for the webinar. 

We advise attendees to use Chrome or Firefox web browsers for the best viewing