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Four easy ways to start your research journey

Visiting this page means you’re already taking your first steps on your path in research. To help you continue on that journey we’ve got some suggested ways you can engage more with research, supporting the ever-improving care the NHS can provide to patients.

Why is research important?

Research is critical to help discover which interventions work better for patients and ensures existing treatments are used in the best possible ways. It helps to find answers, fill gaps in knowledge and ensure best practice.

Evidence shows that patients who receive care in research-active institutions have better health outcomes.  We want to help you find out more about research and the variety of ways you can contribute.

Take the next step with just a few minutes of your time.

Sign up for NIHR Signals - 5 minutes

Want to stay informed on practices and treatments which could benefit your patients? NIHR Signals are short, accessible summaries of the latest important research from the NIHR and others. 

Signals provide healthcare professionals and decision-makers in the NHS, public health and social care with quick, accessible access to research.


Sign up for Signals

Find out what research is happening in your trust and how you can get involved - 10 minutes

Are you interested in research but don’t know where to begin? Many healthcare professionals say they find the experience of being involved in research studies positive and rewarding as well as helping their career.

Most trusts have research departments who will be able to help you discover what research is taking place.


Make contact with R&D

Make patients aware they could participate in a trial or study - 15 minutes

Do you have patients who may be interested in taking part in the research?  Our ‘Be Part of Research’ website enables patients and members of the public to find relevant ways to get involved to help improve patient care. Pass on to your patients who may be interested.


Be Part of Research

Tell NIHR where research is required by suggesting a research question - 30 minutes

What research questions would you like answers to? You know your patients best and for the NIHR to make informed decisions about what research to fund, we need a complete and balanced picture about which questions most urgently need answering.  We want to help ensure patients receive the best care and treatments possible so let us know your questions today.


Suggest a research topic

To take your knowledge of research a step further take a look at our free online course Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research . It’s designed for anyone who wants to know more about health research and the role it has in improving healthcare.

We've also written an article to help debunk some common misconceptions about clinical research. Find out how it's only by keeping up to date on better treatments and care and improving diagnosis and prevention that we can all improve patient care

Find out more about how we can help you develop your research career, and how we've helped others.