Strategic Review of Training

Implementation and Establishment of the NIHR Academy 

In 2016 we initiated a Strategic Review of Training across the NIHR to review the past and look proactively at future training needs. This felt timely as we have invested substantially in training over the previous 10 years and there have been changes in healthcare needs and technological advances, as well as changes in the nature of the academic workforce.

The report from the review synthesises and reviews the evidence from the last 10 years, identifies new and evolving challenges; and, in response, sets out a vision underpinned by a series of recommendations. It was presented to the NIHR Strategy Board in July 2017 and all recommendations were approved and endorsed. You can read the report and recommendations.

Following the publication of the Strategic Review of Training report in September 2017, we have been busy developing plans for implementation of the recommendations. The plans have been approved by the Department of Health and Social Care and are now available to read.

The plans provide an overview of how the recommendations outlined in the report are being implemented and set out key milestones for doing so. They are live documents – they will be updated on the NIHR website as developments are made and the details are subject to change as implementation progresses. Plans for Recommendations 13, 14, and 17 were added in November 2018. Further Recommendation 2 is still in development and will be published online in due course.

A key milestone for the implementation was the establishment of the NIHR Academy in October 2018.

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