Publishing your research

When a recipient of NIHR funding publishes their research findings we expect them to meet our publishing requirements and our policy on open access where we have adopted the 'gold' approach in common with the other principal biomedical research funders.

Open access

The Government policy is that the output of publicly funded research should be made available in the public domain.

In line with this policy, the NIHR has adopted a ‘gold’ approach to the publication of research findings as part of our commitment to the principles of ensuring best use of public money to benefit the health and wealth of the nation. We are a funder of Europe PMC.

NIHR Journals Library

In addition, we are the world’s first health research funder to publish comprehensive accounts of our commissioned research within our own publicly and permanently available journal series. The NIHR Journals Library comprises a suite of five open access peer reviewed journals reporting results from a range of health research areas. All reports provide a full account of the research project, including methods and a full description of the results.

Europe PMC

Europe PMC video highlights the benefits of publishing research to this unique open access resource. Europe PMC labs showcases developments based on the content of Europe PMC designed to enable deep searching of the literature and contextual linking to public databases in the life science domain.