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Research governance, approvals and registration

All NIHR-funded research must meet the principles of good governance to ensure that health research is conducted to high scientific and ethical standards. You will also need to apply for the necessary permissions and register with the ISRCTN and PROSPERO databases, if appropriate. 

More information is available on our governance, approvals and registration page.

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Public and patient involvement

Public involvement is an active partnership between the public and researchers in the research process. You may wish to review our webinars, an introduction for researchers with little or no experience of PPI (requires email registration to view) and the opportunities and challenges of PPI for experienced researchers for guidance on involving the public in your research.

All studies are encouraged to evaluate their PPI and required to report on PPI at Final Report stage, to find out more, please refer to the ‘Publish’ section below. 

Briefing notes for researchers are available on the INVOLVE site.

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Contracts and intellectual property

We use standard Department of Health and Social Care contracts. We also recognise the key role of Intellectual Property (IP) assets in driving innovation as well as the importance of a range of associated activities such as fostering a culture of invention through to collaborating with industry.

More information about intellectual property and the contracts we use, including example contracts, is available on our contracts and intellectual property page.

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Studies in progress

When your project starts you will be required to provide regular progress reports. Your study spending will also be monitored against targets set during start-up. 

More information is available on our studies in progress page.

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NIHR uses Researchfish to monitor the impact of funded research. The data you submit between the start of your project and for up to five years after it finishes allows us to demonstrate the difference that your research project has made. The data allows us to make the case for continued applied health research funding and evaluate the most effective ways to allocate it.

More information is available on our Researchfish page.

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Study outputs and branding

We actively encourage research teams to disseminate their findings widely, and to a broad range of audiences. Guidance and information on how to do so is available here. However, it is a contractual requirement that you provide copies of your outputs at least 28 days before publication or presentation and name the NIHR as the funder. Please note that for Global Health Research you are required to provide copies of your outputs at least 14 days before publication or presentation, naming the NIHR as the funder. We do not want to suppress or alter your plans for publication, but it is important that we let the Department of Health and Social Care know of any published material so that if approached with a query, they can provide an informed response. 

More information is available on our output reporting and branding page.

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Your final report

Every research team submits a final report.

The NIHR Journals Library comprises a suite of five open access journals providing an important and permanent archive of research funded by the NIHR.

The NIHR Journals Library aims to set a standard for the reporting of PPI involvement, therefore all reports should explain how patients and the public have been involved in the study.

You may wish to refer to the GRIPP2 Short Form and the Reporting Public and Patient Involvement section of the information for Authors for guidance on what will be required. 

More information on submitting your final report is available in the Information for Authors section of the Journals Library.