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The submission window will open on 4 February 2019 and close at 16:00hrs on 14 March 2019

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A recording of our webinar is available here (you will need to download and install Adobe Connect to view) or download the Researchfish Graphic Information slides.

NIHR uses Researchfish to monitor the impact of funded research. The data you submit allows us to demonstrate the difference that your funded health research project has made to the health and wealth of our nation. It allows us to advocate continued research funding and evaluate the most effective ways to allocate it.

Find out more about how we use the information you provide in the useful documents section on this page.

Information about managing Researchfish obligations for research organisations is given on our Researchfish for host organisations page.

How do I get started?

How do I submit?

Where can I get help?

How can I get involved in Researchfish development?

What happens to my Researchfish data?

What happens if I don't submit before the deadline?


How do I get started?

New to Researchfish? Award holders (referred to as Principal Investigators in the system) will be sent a link to activate their account, after which you will be able to enter output and impact information. You may delegate access for particular awards to a member of your research team to help complete the submission.

A useful introductory 8 minute video by Researchfish shows you how to navigate the submission process, and there is a comprehensive user guide available as a PDF download. You can also view our webinar.

Got a new award? We will send you an email with a link that will add your new award to your Researchfish account when you click on it. Don't forget to link your ORCID

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How do I submit?

You may enter and edit information in Researchfish at any time, but it must be verified and submitted during the submission window. This confirms that the information given is correct and can be used.

You can download a full question set in advance from the Researchfish website. 

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Where can I get help?

You can get help by:

  • clicking on ‘Help and support’ within Researchfish
  • using the downloads and links on these pages
  • contacting us at

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How can I get involved in Researchfish development?

The NIHR is an active contributor to the Researchfish Steering Board. Researchers and research organisations can contribute to ongoing development of the Researchfish system through the various User Groups. Contact Researchfish for more information. Recent developments that the NIHR has played a part in include:

  • development of a new career tracker tool
  • development of questions that focus on understanding the benefits and challenges of involving patients and the public in research
  • ongoing improvements to the question set.

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What happens to my Researchfish data?

The NIHR will only publish information which is attributed to NIHR research projects, programmes or fellowships and for which the submission process has been completed. Researchers and trainees are advised to not disclose data that conflict with agreements they may have with third parties, is sensitive, or is considered confidential.

The NIHR Managing Centres use Researchfish data to inform the development of impact case studies and to respond to queries and requests for information from the Department of Health and Social Care. We have led the development of cross-funder PPI questions in Researchfish that are being used by 15 funders globally.

We have collaborated with RAND and The Policy Institute at King's College London to analyse the impact of the NIHR's investment in public health research, drawing on over 900 NIHR Researchfish records. We have also undertaken research impact assessment exercises for the NIHR Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme and the NIHR Public Health Research Programme that draw on Researchfish data and some other thematic reviews. We are working with Marie Curie to build a better understanding of the impact of our combined investments in palliative and end of life care research.

We are also exploring how we can better showcase Researchfish data relating to individual projects on the NIHR website, a first step towards this is incorporating Researchfish data into our website in the Spring of 2019. You can find out more about how we use the information you provide here.

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What happens if I don't submit before the deadline?

The NIHR will contact researchers and trainees annually during the award and for at least five years afterwards. You should be aware that we have a clear sanctions policy for researchers who fail to provide an annual Researchfish submission in accordance with their contractual requirements:

  • the researcher or trainee may be ineligible for consideration for further NIHR awards
  • payments may be withheld.

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