Funding for training and career development

Funding for training and career development

The NIHR is the UK’s major funder of applied health research. All of the research it funds works towards improving the health and wealth of the nation. The NIHR develops and supports the people who conduct and contribute to health research and equally supports the training of the next generation of health researchers.

NIHR training programmes provide a unique opportunity for all professionals to improve the health of patients in their care through research.

Training and career development awards from the NIHR range from undergraduate level through to opportunities for established investigators and research leaders. They are open to a wide range of professions and designed to suit different working arrangements and career pathways.

NIHR Training Programmes

Training Programmes

Career Development Opportunities

Career development opportunities

NIHR trainees receiving support and resources

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The NIHR trainee experience

The NIHR trainee experience

Meet some of our trainees

Meet some of our trainees

NIHR training webinar channel

NIHR Trainees' webinar channel