NIHR Integrated Academic Training Programme for Doctors and Dentists

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACFs) allow medical and dental trainees to undertake 25% research and 75% clinical training over 3 years (4 years for GPs) and Clinical Lectureships (CLs) allow trainees to undertake 50% research and 50% clinical training over 4 years. The posts are allocated to institutional partnerships of University, NHS Organisations/ Trusts and Local Education Training Boards (LETBs), the latter having taken over the functions of Postgraduate Deaneries from April 2013 onwards. Academic trainees are recruited by the LETBs through open competition via a nationally developed process for academic recruitment run by NIHR TCC.

The schemes were initially developed through an Implementation Group, then maintained by a Task and Finish Group and now continued support is offered by an Advisory Panel that works with the Dean for NIHR Faculty Trainees. The Advisory Panel is supported by NIHR TCC as secretariat, and has advised NIHR on arrangements for ensuring the success of schemes within the Integrated Academic Training Pathway for Doctors and Dentists. 

The programme is broken down as follows:

Institutional Awards

NIHR Medical ACFs and CLs            

NIHR Dentistry ACFs and CLs

Personal Awards

NIHR In-Practice Fellowships (IPFs)

NIHR Clinician Scientist Awards

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