NIHR Integrated Academic Training in Medicine

General Information

Welcome to the NIHR Integrated Academic Training (IAT) Programme for doctors.  The following pages aim to provide easy access to the information required for both trainees and IAT partnership organisations.

For specific information relating to the medical NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACFs) and NIHR Clinical Lectureships (CLs), please click on the buttons below:

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Management and Funding

Management of the NIHR Integrated Academic Training Programme initiative occurs at a number of different levels.

With regards to CCT dates, the advice from NIHR to the LETBs is that a target date should be set at the first ARCP for Clinical Lecturers, after one year in post.

Funding for both the medical and dental NIHR ACFs and CLs comes from the Department of Health.  From April 2008, funding for these posts will come entirely from the Research and Development Directorate at the Department of Health.  With current arrangements, 100% of the funding for each post comes from a Department of Health R&D budget that is supported directly by funding from the Treasury.  This funding supports both the academic and clinical components of training (but does not include banding).  The funding package also covers management costs of the scheme locally, a yearly bursary for the trainee to attend scientific meetings and funding for ACFs to access locally organised academic training programmes.  Clinical training courses should be funded by the LETB as for any other clinical trainee.  Funding arrangements do not now require LETBs to part-fund posts, switch funding from standard clinical training posts, or arrange back-fill.  NIHR ACF and CL posts exist in addition to the normal complement of clinical training posts.  They may, thus, be seen as supernumerary to Health Education England funded posts.

NIHR funding for Integrated Academic Training is not subject to full economic costing.