HEE/NIHR ICA Mentorship Scheme

The ICA Mentorship Scheme affords individuals holding doctoral or post-doctoral awards conferred by the ICA Programme or one of its immediate forerunners (the HEE/NIHR CAT and HCS Programmes) with the opportunity for one-to-one clinical academic career mentorship by an appropriate mentor.


Information for Prospective Mentees

Mentoring, being the informal transmission of experience derived knowledge, social capital, and relevant psychosocial support, is uniquely valuable to aspirant non-medical clinical academics, and the Mentorship Scheme exists to facilitate such mentorship through formalised and funded contact time with the most qualified individuals available.

Mentorship goes beyond the guidance afforded by a supervisor and acts to support the awardee through the challenges encountered during the development of a clinical academic career.

The scheme’s mentors, being recognised senior healthcare researchers and professional leaders, bring essential and unique sector knowledge and understanding of the leadership challenges that face clinical academic researchers from the non-medical healthcare professions.

The scheme administers:

  • a faculty of mentors comprising senior healthcare researchers and professional leaders;
  • one-to-one mentoring support for ICA Programme-funded doctoral and postdoctoral awardees;
  • mentorship training; and
  • training events and resources for mentees and mentors.

The Mentorship Scheme currently manages a faculty of 46 mentors and supports the provision of mentorship to approximately 60 (50%) of the eligible ICA Programme awardees.

More information and contact details are available on the current provider’s website: