NIHR Research Methods Fellowships and Internships

Round 9 of the NIHR Research Methods Fellowships and Internships scheme closed on Wednesday 13 December 2017 at 1pm. The guidance notes for host organisations are available for information only from the useful documents on the right hand side of this page.


Applications to host a Research Methods Fellow and Intern are restricted to NIHR Senior Investigators; either those in post or those who have previously held the post, including Emeritus Senior Investigators, who are currently based at an institute in England. 


Recruitment for the NIHR Research Methods Fellowships and Internships is conducted and managed by the individual institutions in which the NIHR Senior Investigators are based.


The NIHR Research Methods Fellowships are aimed at highly talented individuals who are either;

  • In their early post-graduate career; or
  • Returning to the work-place after a career break; and
  • Who are looking to change the focus of their career whilst still utilising their undergraduate / previous training.

The Fellowships provide 2 years of dedicated time for the Fellow to undertake structured methodology training and gain research experience in a high-quality environment.  Fellows will be expected to pursue a relevant Masters degree or training (short courses) dependent on their training needs and where appropriate prepare and submit an application for a Doctoral Research Fellowship.

The majority of Fellowships will start in September or October 2018 and at the latest by 31st March 2019.


NIHR Research Methods Internships are aimed at the brightest undergraduates (in mathematics, economics, or physics for example) for the summer following the second year of their degree (or third year of a four year degree). Internships associated with Round 9 awards will be advertised over the course of the Fellowships, but most likely in Summer 2020.

Round 7 Internships will be available for Summer 2018. Please contact one of the Round 7 host institutions for further details.

Round 8 Internships will be available for Summer 2019. Please contact one of the Round 8 host institutions for further details.

It is envisaged that a maximum of 10 NIHR Research Methods Fellowships and Internships will be awarded in this funding round

Any queries about the scheme should be directed to