17/104 - Community-wide interventions for physical activity

Application dates: 19 September 2017 to 20 March 2018

The Public Health Research Programme are accepting stage 1 applications to their commissioned workstream for this topic:

17/104 Community-wide interventions for physical activity

In order to apply you will need to carefully review the:

The deadline for applications is 1pm, 20 March 2018.


We held a webinar to support applications to this funding opportunity, which you can view here.

Supporting information

*Please note: This document is to be used as a guide and to assist with completion of the on-line application form only, for example to see how many characters are accepted in each section and how the printed complete form is laid out. Please do not try to use this as an application form, you must apply using the online form available through the links available when calls are open. You should also refer to the application form guidance notes which can be found next to the ‘Apply Now’ button.

All primary research projects are expected to establish a programme appointed Study/Trial Steering Committee and it is important that you read the TSC/SSC Guidance before completing your application. Costs incurred by this committee should be included in the budget as appropriate.

Assessment dates

Proposals received by 1pm on 20 March 2018, and deemed within remit, will be assessed for their importance to public health by the Programme Advisory Board (PAB) in May 2018. Shortlisted outline proposals from this round will be considered by the Research Funding Board in June 2018, and assessed for scientific quality, feasibility and value for money. Applicants will be informed of the RFB's decisions in July 2018, and successful outline proposal applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. Applicants have eight weeks to complete and submit a full application for it to be considered at the October 2018 RFB.

Please note: If a very high response is received, some outline applications may not be taken forward for further assessment if they are deemed to be non-competitive and/or it may be necessary to defer some outline applications until a later date. 'Non-Competitive' means that a proposal is not of a sufficiently high standard to be taken forward for further assessment in comparison with other proposals received and funded by the PHR Programme because it has little or no realistic prospect of funding. This may be because of scientific quality, cost, scale/duration, or the makeup of the project team.