Training and career development opportunities

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  • NIHR In-Practice Fellowships

    Closing date: 28 March 2019

    The NIHR In-Practice Fellowship (IPF) provides pre-doctoral academic training to fully-qualified general practitioners, general dental practitioners, and community dentists.
  • HEE/NIHR Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship

    Closing date: 11 April 2019

    The HEE/NIHR ICA Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship (PCAF) funds personalised programmes of academic training that will equip awardees with the skills and experience to access doctoral level funding and dedicated time to prepare an application for a competitive, peer-reviewed doctoral level research training fellowship.
  • NIHR Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

    Closing date: 24 April 2019

    NIHR Pre-doctoral Fellowships are designed to support people who are looking to start or advance a career in health research methodology.
  • Infrastructure Visiting Speaker Award

    Closing date: 31 May 2019

    The NIHR Infrastructure Visiting Speaker Award (IVSA) offers particular NIHR Academy Members the opportunity to present their research and network with other parts of the NIHR Infrastructure. The purpose of the award is to encourage networking and collaboration within the NIHR and help researchers gain valuable experience of the presenting their research.