Programme Grants for Applied Research - Competition 29

Application dates: 07 February 2019 to 03 April 2019

Applications are invited for Stage 1 research proposals to develop individual programmes. Research funded through a Programme Grant typically consists of an interrelated group of high quality projects focused on a coherent theme and hence require multidisciplinary approaches, including clinical, health economics, statistics, qualitative and behavioural sciences, to ensure that research objectives can be met. The amount awarded and the length of the funding period will depend on the nature of the proposed work, in particular whether or not the proposal includes a substantial powered trial.

NIHR Themed call on the management of chronic pain – Programme Grants for Applied Research in partnership with Versus Arthritis

PGfAR is participating in the NIHR themed call on the management of chronic pain.

We're delighted to be partnering with Versus Arthritis in this themed call to address its Pain Roadmap priorities in arthritis disease management and applied health research. Co-funding is available for appropriate studies for all competitions open in 2019 with potential for ongoing activity in 2020.

Through this partnership call for applications we are striving to fund proposals in three of the four Pain roadmap themes: Stratification, Management and Support and Prevention. Proposals are sought that seek to address research questions in the roadmap priorities noted below. Proposals are not limited to the exemplar issues within the priority areas.

Interventions - Developing or testing new approaches to treating and managing musculoskeletal pain.

Workplace - Development and testing of new and sustainable models of workplace interventions and practice to help people with musculoskeletal pain maintain healthy working lives.

Services - Development of approaches to achieve a more responsive and effective support service for people with musculoskeletal pain.

Under-represented groups - Research providing practical application of how to reach and engage these groups in the management of chronic pain.

Prevention - Preventing the transition from acute to chronic pain; identifying and managing risk factors for developing chronic pain and how/when to intervene; exploring the organisation of public health and healthcare services to support prevention

Further information can be found in the co-funding brief. 

PGfAR is also participating in the following themed call:

Frailty – ‘Improving the outcomes of health and social care for frail people and their carers’  - Proposals are invited for health and social care research that slows or prevents further declines in health, or supports/promotes healthy ageing, independence, and wellbeing. Research should take into account the wider health and social care needs of the individual and their family or other carers. This themed call will apply to Competitions 29 and 30. For more information please see the specification document.

For further details, including ongoing NIHR Highlight Notices, please see Please note that PGfAR’s researcher led calls are open to all relevant research areas, and do not just include Themed Calls and Highlight Notices. If you are responding to a themed call or highlight notice, please indicate this in the application form in Section 6, Research Plan, Question 1 ‘What is the problem being addressed?’  


The submission deadline for applications is 1pm on 03 April 2019.

Supporting information

*This document is to be used as a guide and to assist with completion of the online application form only. Please do not try to use this as an application form. You must apply using the online form available through the above RMS link, available when calls are open.

Applications to PGfAR are made with the support of an NHS body and other providers of NHS services in England. If an application is successful, a contract will be placed with that organisation for delivery of the research and all funds for the research will be paid to the NHS organisation or other provider of NHS services.