Funding to provide NIHR facilities

Funding for NIHR facilities

The NIHR plays a key role in investing in the research fabric of the nation, including research organisations and the research community of the NHS with partner academic institutions, to support research in health and social care. 

We make this investment through NHS and research active organisations who provide everything from our Biomedical Research Centres through to our Research Design Service.

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Funding to provide NIHR infrastructure in the NHS

Each year, the NIHR is responsible for more than £0.5 billion of investment in NHS infrastructure - the people, research centres, units, networks and other facilities - that represent the most integrated health research system in the world.

Through this investment, the NHS conducts world-class clinical research at all points in the development pipeline. All of our infrastructure facilities collaborate with and support both non-commercial and industry research partners.

We hold regular open competitions to designate and fund these facilities, which are listed in our current funding opportunities when available. 

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Funding to address other NIHR priorities

Our research schools and units also generate innovative research to inform health, public health, primary and social care. We also need the input of research active organisations in appraising emerging health technologies and in advising potential applicants to our research programmes regarding their research design.

We hold regular open competitions to lead and manage this research and advice, which are listed in our current funding opportunities when available. 

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