Call 2 information

1 Remit

Remit of the call

All areas of applied global health research were considered under this call. Applications were required to demonstrate how the research outcomes will benefit patients and the public in DAC-listed low and middle income countries (LMICs). Particular attention was given to areas which were under-researched or under-funded or where there is a skills shortage.

More information is available on our remit page.

2 Funding


The indicative budget for this call was £40m, but there was no fixed target for the number of Groups we wished to fund. The funding has been allocated according to the quality of applications received and the recommendations of the Selection Panel.

More information is available on our funding page.


Working with low and middle income countries (LMICs)

Over the first six months each successful group will have £50k of funding released to support the development partnerships or collaborations and to perform some pilot feasibility work.

More information is available on our LMICs page.

4 Partnerships

Collaborations and partnerships

This call requireed the development of equal partnerships between the lead institution and countries on the OECD DAC list, particularly LMICs. A broad range of organisations could act as a partner or collaborator under this call. These include, but are not limited to, HEIs, charities, companies, NHS trusts, LMIC organisations, and the WHO.

More information is available on our collaborations and partnerships page.

5 Finance

Finance and process

Applicants were asked to outline in the application a minimum of five meaningful measures specific to their proposed programme, which will be used in the assessment of progress at 6 months related to the agreement of the release of full funds. These five measures will constitute one of the six standard NIHR GHR programme milestones that will be used to assess progress at the 6 month review point.

More information is available on our finance and process page.