We are strengthening and building capacity in global health research in the UK and in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs)

We are providing opportunities and funding initiatives to develop and advance global health research career pathways in the UK and in LMICs. Activities include:

NIHR Global Health Research Professorships

The NIHR Research Professorship award aims to fund leaders in the early part of their careers to lead research, to promote effective translation of research, and to strengthen research leadership at the highest academic levels. The Global Health Research Professorship expands this NIHR award to fund up to two NIHR Global Health Research Professorships undertaking research which aims to specifically and primarily benefit individuals in countries on the OECD DAC list. The funding will be for a total of five years.

The NIHR Global Health Research Professorship Global Health Round 1 awardees have been announced, to find out more click here. Round 2 awardees with be announced in due course.

For further information email with the subject NIHR Research Professorships.

NIHR GHR Unit and Group Trainees

The NIHR GHR Units and Groups will support over 150 trainees, comprising of Masters, PhD, and post-doctoral students based in the UK or LMICs. The Global Health Research Programme intends to draw on the training expertise within NIHR to support these trainees, whether based in the UK or LMICs, to develop their skills as global health researchers.

Further investment is likely to focus on supporting capacity building for researchers directly in (and from) ODA-eligible LMICs in areas of thematic need.